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Other Ways To Support Ahoy World ArmAC?


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I have been playing on your server for ages now. I have told friends about it and made a video. I just want to know if there are any other ways of supporting you guys. I plan on donating soon, but I want to help more.



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Behave on the servers
Follow the rules, and encourage good sportsmanship. Simply, encourage good behaviour and discourage people from raging/flaming. Tell people in a gentle manner when they're breaking the rules, let them know that what they're doing isn't allowed and give them a chance to change behaviour. If they keep on breaking the rules, get on TS and fetch an admin.

Help out never players
Answer newer players questions, both on the forum and ingame
Take rookies/new players under your wings, by inviting them to your group and make them feel welcome
Encourage your squad to go on TS to communicate better and get to know eachother, after all, we're a community - make some friends.

Try out different roles
It is important to know how the different roles play. Some people rage on pilots becase there isn't one at the heli pad the second they spawn, or because they get shot down by an enemy jet while in a hummingbird etc.

The different roles play quite differently, don't just yell for a medic if you're downed in a field where you're clearly visible from enemy troops, get someone else to move you to safety. Concider helping the medics by moving troops, don't put your medics in scenarios where they have to do all the work and then yell at them for a squad wiping.

If you know the different roles, it's alot easier to understand why different people act/behave in different ways, and you can use that knowledge to utilize those players better, making everyone happier.


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What he said ^^

The best way to help is to relieve the stresses on the admins. A culture of good play and reporting misbehaviour is what we aim for, we spend far too much of our time trying to keep servers calm when people decide EU3 is for messing around on for example.

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