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Lotsa lotsa lotsa questions!


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Fresh Arma 3 guy.
No prior experience with the this game series or any of its mods.

Eu3 wise:


1-Should the game be launched via launcher or Arma3Sync?
(TS guy told me to use Arma3Sync although launcher seems to be working aswell for me)


2-Why do i randomly get muted on TS?
3-Or almost every1 else gets muted on TS and everytime i unmuted someone he got muted again within 1-2 seconds?

4-Radio channels.1 for Alpha,2 for bravo, 3 for charlie right?Obviusly as a basic soldier and not as a FTL or SL.

5-Two push to talk buttons.one for VoN , one for TS.

What do u use to communicate with each other,as in responding/asking in Squad, and when in general is the proper time to use each one?


6-When should one use the Group or vehicle chat?Or how do u speak to som1 not in your team who is next to you?Am i blind or there is no direct chat there?


7-Since we use radios , assume the following scenario.

Short range radio is used,channel for Alpha team.U are 1-1-4.U are in a chopper.How do u speak to the pilot?


8-How do u 'read' the map?Most of the times i have no idea where am i or where my fireteam mates are or even where other teams are.


9-Why do i almost constantly listen to so many people speaking together , one over another?How am i supposed to make sense of what is being asked from me or whats going on?First time i joined had ts and arma running as a regular user so ARCE was not working properly.Thats not the case i am talking about.


Dont get me wrong.I m not complaining here.Just trying to understand what is wrong because of wrong mod settings and what is lack of experience on my side.



Edit 1: Added server info.

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To clarify, we don't use Arma's voice communication at all. All we do using voice is through Teamspeak.

1. I prefer Arma3Sync

2. When people die or are out of hearing range, they get muted - That's how ACRE works.

3. Same as 2.

4. 1 for Command, 2 for Alpha, 3 for Bravo, and so on. It's on the top left of the map on most maps.

5. Your Teamspeak's push to talk button is for local chat, meaning no radios involved. Your ACRE push to talk buttons is for radio communication. Where you use each one requires a more lengthy explanation, but basically use local chat (TS button) for almost everything. You can learn how a player should use the radio by listening in, or just ask around what the radio protocols are.

6. You should never use typed chat unless for something very important. You can speak to people next to you through voice using your teamspeak push to talk, as explained above.

7. If you're in a chopper, you use local chat, as explained previously. As a member of Alpha, you shouldn't have radio comms with the pilot unless you're the Squad Leader.

8. You and your fireteam are the small circles with arrows on the map. The square with your team's name is usually centered around your team leader - who is the circle with the diagonal slash. I was also confused at how it worked at first, but you get used to it fast, don't worry too much.

9. That's happening because you don't have ACRE on. If that happens, and you do have ACRE on, you should reload it (Teamspeak -> Settings -> Plugins -> Reload All). Make sure you run Arma 3 and TS as an administrator. Once in game, and with ACRE properly working, you should see everyone not around you muted, as ACRE works on a 3D positioning basis, so you can only hear people near you, or speaking on a radio in range of yours.

Hopefully that clears up something, if you have more questions just ask.

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Thanks for the big reply Colsta.

If you still have questions please check the pinned threads in this sub forum, and feel free to contact eu3 moderators and/or members in ts.

I also suggest you check out some basic arma 3 guides. I think "shactac" has some good basic guides for serious players!

Oh and... Welcome!

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About 2: One time i got muted right after we got out the chopper and another time right in the middle of battle with me being right next to my ftl.A couple other times happened exactly what u described.Maeby i was just too frustrated to understand whats going on but i ll check it out again


4 to 8 : Gotcha, that clarifies everything hah


9:First time i joined with acre not working right had 15ppl on ts speaking simultaneously so i know what u are talking about , but thats not the case.Fixed that issue and that number came down to 4 or 5 which is still kinda annoying.Guess i just have to step up my game and get used to it.

Icy , reading selective parts of dyslexcis guide and watching lotsa vids about varius team stuff was one of the first things i did even before i decided to purchase.
But since EU1 and 2 and various other public servers do not promote that kind of game play it was kinda a waste of time to try play like those guides/vids described.

Thanks a lot for your answers gentlmen!

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just a quick note about 9. when in base where there are usually more people in base there are a lot of people talking to each other,organising equipment, sorting radios out and things. these people will be talking but you dont need to listen to it unless someone asks you something directly. 

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