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I`ve stopped using myVTC, it`s just to much things you need to do when there was an automated system for that. It was called TripLogger, but since it went into "maintanence" or something like that, it has not appeared back yet.


After quickly going through myVTC, it doesn`t support ATS yet, it might or it might not, have checked forums or anything like that.


I`ll start digging again and see what is available. It`s good to hear/see people are still interested in doing this.

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I`ve looked into this a bit. TripLogger doesn`t exist anymore, at least I couldn`t find any info about it for the last 6 months.


There is 1 similar page like myVTC that also supports ATS and ETS modded maps: SqueakVTC


It has a lot more options that myVTC, it`s almost to complicated, but I have started a "test" company there (AW Logistics), so feel free to join it. It works the same way myVTC does, you just submit the jobs and the dispatcher/owner accepts them.


Note: the logo is weird, gotta fix that

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Right now, I don`t see it happening, there is only a couple of us playing ATS or ETS.


Most of VTC websites have a lot of options, its would just be to much to run it for a small amount of players IMO.

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