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Pancake Day


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So since today is some sort of worship and consumption ritual of my namesake, I come bearing gifts of auditory hell I created in the past.


Don't question them, just listen.


Tiem by Herns Zimmpfer: 


Something... words can't really describe this one: http://picosong.com/8Xfx/


This one is genuine ear sodomy, I made this as a joke a long time ago, low volume if you want to listen to it: http://picosong.com/uY3v/


A modification to the marching anthem Erika: http://picosong.com/SRFS/


The sound of PTSD: http://picosong.com/6WdK/


Crawling by Linkin Park, only betterhttp://picosong.com/AjZq/


Rare WW2 footage: 


May god have mercy on your soul if you click them all in quick succession, it will be loud.


All I can really say is that I'm sorry. Hopefully these musical abortions I create will get better with practice.


Also happy Shrove Tuesday

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Not bad . In all honesty, that´s some pretty nice sound designing/layering, so keep at it, mighty Pancaker .

Went through all of them .

And for the ear-r("& ... Windows volume mixer is a good friend of mine, he protects better than the Lord himself kekekeke.

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