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ACRE: The worst mod to ever come to EU3

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Dear Admins and Devs of EU3,

Today I got back on EU3 for the first time in months. I used to be a regular and would play most days. Of course I had to update the mods and such, and to my surprise I noticed there was a new radio addon. I went in with an open mind because I figured that there was a good reason for adding in ACRE over TFAR. Boy was I wrong. I can see no logical reasoning why they would get rid of TFAR. Sure ACRE sounds like a good idea in theory, but it is truly a disgrace and an abomination. It is full of bugs. Many people I have talked to also agree with me that we should go back to TFAR.

I know the DEVs will be upset with this post and probably respond "We are staying with ACRE". But why should this be up to the devs? Ultimately the players should decide. So I have created this straw poll, and I would encourage everyone to vote with their honest opinion. At the end of the day if the majority want ACRE, then we should keep it. But if the majority want TFAR then we need to revert. I encourage the Admins and devs to also spread the straw poll, assuming they care what the players think.


Here is the straw poll link : http://strawpoll.me/6764505


Thanks for reading this and I hope we can fix the mess that EU3 currently is.


<iframe src="http://strawpoll.me/embed_1/6764505/r" style="width: 600px; height: 390px; border: 0;">Loading poll...</iframe>

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Can you write what issues you experienced? I am kinda curious as many problems I experienced can be evaded or fixed. I know some people really spread the hate for ACRE, but for me ACRE works enough to actually give realistic effect (even the bugs are somewhat realistic ;) ).

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I hear people wanting TFAR back, but well. I don't think it was/is realistic enough. But it is for long that everyone knew ACRE was planned, and eventually we are using it, and even through the bugs, i myself sometimes just go, "THANKS ACRE", actually i do that pretty often. But i still believe that we should try to fix those bugs, as the well known now "JIP BUG" that is being worked on right now. There is something about ACRE that makes it better than TFAR, (realism, positioning, radio wave disruptions,actual sound wave simulation, and many other things ) and i like that something. :>

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It's a lovely theory, but the problem is we can't troubleshoot and test ACRE in a vaccuum.  And "bringing TFAR back" involves a fair amount of work rescripting Gauntlet.


The bug right now is that if you join a game in progress, you will be able to broadcast to other players over the 152 and 117F, but other players will not be able to broadcast to you.  The 343 and local speech should work just fine.  So if you join in progress, you may have this bug; I'm not 100% sure but I think picking up a new radio from the radio box may solve it.  Either that you existing 152/117F players must get new radios to talk to you.  So you could be a good sport and bring new 152's and 117's into the field with you if you are a JIP player.


Unless you are experiencing any other bugs?  If so, please comment.


- R

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