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My Absence -KPJ

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Hello fellow AW-geeks :)


Some of you might have noticed my recent absence with gamenights and the like. Truth is, I had a lot of exams and have been absolutely stomped with work. The new quarter at uni just started and it's a hellish one... I need to invest a lot of time in it. There's also some stuff in my personal life I prefer to keep away from AW as to not pester some of you with needless rants. The last couple of times I did hop on I didn't feel the same satisfaction as before and I've become a little impatient with some stuff. All in all I think it's best if I just take a break from ArmA. I'm definitely not gone for good and I still read the forums, but as I've been online so little it's hard to mix myself in the countless discussions on the forums.


I've got no clue as to how long I'll be gone for, it really depends on my workflow the coming weeks.


See you all on the battlefield eventually!


Much love,


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