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New World War 2 FPS - Battalion 1944 Hype or not Hype thats the Question


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As i am increasingly ( as infantryman ) finding myself with less to do due to the ever increasing use ( in game ) of high tech assets going back to WW 2 sounds good to me.


And as Arma seems to be heading down the " futuristic  game play " route  the sooner the better.


Less gadgets  =  more immersive / Squad  and close quarters game play.


Lets hope this leaning towards 1944 gives the devs of IRON FRONT IN ARMA some encouragement .


bring it on.!

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Yes i am also an ARMA player but i feel ( personal view ) the futuristic route would not be for me ,( gaming world is awash with them ) neither would  Battalion 1944 as you say.  its likely to be "arcade style ".


But the general swing (again personal view ) towards  WW2 European theater of combat for me would be a welcome change.


Arma as in (real life ) uses all the modern assets at its disposal but it is increasingly in need of less " boots on the ground" to achieve its objectives.


More death from afar will not make for good game play.  It doesn't now.


It is the Iron Front 1944  in Arma3  that interests me most and has the potential to be the best out there.


Fingers crossed  yes !

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I actually like the idea, im a firm believer that the best COD game was COD 2, you didnt have perks, you didn't have level's it was just a raw skill but yet VERY fun game. And on top of that you could also heavily mod the game and that was a plus and helped keep things fresh. And cod 4 was okay, but it seemed like after that then it seemed like there was a release every year, and all they did was add new weapons and game types. When it comes to the engine and graphics there isnt any significant change compared to COD 4, and if you look at other prequel's to games it seemed like more time and effort to make it different/fun was put into it then in cod 2.


But i do think a well built and genuine WW2 FPS would be nice for a change. :) 

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