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New Medical System

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In the new update version 0.34B


Added the Ace revive module, which will change certain aspects of the game;

  • The ability to be revived from the death state by any medic, with a PAK and inside a MEV (medical Evac Vehicle)
  • 300 second timer unless CPR'ed until you can die in the death state
  • Once you have been revived from a dead state, you cannot enter the death state, and you will die if you enter the death state again.
  • To be treated upon in the death state, you'll have to be in a stable condition.
  • If unconscious, you can still be brought back to consciousness.
  • The people who take the role of medic, you may have to get the help of a spare unit to keep CPR'ing the downed player to keep them "alive" until a MEV is around to be brought back from in.
  • DOES NOT effect AI units.


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Be advised, we will be pushing out a new version of Gauntlet which nuances the system a bit more - I believe the respawn timer will change and medics will be able to use PAKs anywhere on the battlefield, not just in a MEV or medical facility.


- R

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