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Feedback/thoughts on the 2016-01-29 Luetin PVP event


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I though I could create a similar feedbak/thoguhts thread to the one Zhenylas created after the last PVP event with Luetin.

I think we could all agree on it being a little bit chaotic, with people not knowing what's going on, people being impatient, bringing in friends and similar disordingly behaviours. After playing the game and later watching the video of the stream, there are a few things that could perhaps be said to help on improving this experience. Luetin seemed somewhat frustrated, things didn't work out as intended and people didn't know what to do and how to act. This is simply a thread where we could try to discuss how to solve those issues and hopefully make these nights work better.

Some initial thoughts
Luetin constantly had to repeat the rules and mindset of the mission to the players who joined late. He had to repeat himself several times, as new players joined and having to handle that while at the same time setting everything up is an unnessecary, tedious task which probably can be avoided, or at least improved on in the future.

My propsal to mend this issue would be that rather than having to repeat the same thing, over and over again, at every event, wouldn't it be better to have a pinned post on the forum with the basic rules which always applies to PVP nights? A pinned post, which would be mandatory to have read before joining the server, a post which you can link to the new players and explain that they must read it thoroughly and follow theese rules prior to joining. It isn't an entierly open event, one could at least expect the participants to read through some basic rules in order to get acces to playing.

The same post could be used over and over again, and thus make the briefing much shorter, with less works for both Raz and Luetin during gamenights.

Some suggested rules would be that people need to learn how to use the Virtual Arsenal prior to joining. You could even in the rules have a link to some youtube video of some guy explaining how to use it, and having people watch it and set up two barebones kits before they even join the server. Make it mandatory to have a basic NATO kit and a CSAT kit, or anything along those lines. Manny people didn't appear to have used the Virtual Arsenal, and having to explain and try to solve such basic things on the fly takes unnecessary time and focus.

Some people didn't quite understand when everything should start and there were some general confusion in TS an hour or so before the event were to start. You clearly stated the time and timezone, so people could easily have converted the time themselves, but apparently people still had issues doing this correctly.

I saw that Gopher (another streamer and Youtuber) used this link posted below to help his viewers convert the time to their local time. People shold be able to convert times themselves, so if it's a hassle, don't bother, but I think that a similar link to this under the initial post would have helped those people get in on time.

The missions
Luetin already seems to know what did and didn't work with the missions, but as a first time PVP night visitor I could aswell give my POV on how I experienced it, and perhaps try and give some insight in why I think things got somewhat confused.

The first mission
On the first mission NATO knew where CSAT would come from, but as Luetin later stated, we in CSAT could have put our pilots to better use. We could have flown a squad in behind enemy lines without any real issues and thus working around that. Everything worked fine, we were just to slow to get moving in the first place and had some comunication errors between pilots and group leaders, but all in all everything seemed to work quite well. Even though the mission played out quite slow (again, our fault) it was a good mission and great fun.

The second mission
There were some issues with how we would communicate with the hostage, but thanks to some good feedback from the stream a solution was found and the mission was quickly started.

During the seconds mission, CSAT didn't initially realize that the airfield would be guarded. I don't know if we didn't interpret the mission correctly or what happened there, because we didn't expect a full hostile base at that airfield. We had basically planned on hiding a few troops near the runway and grab the pilot as soon as he landed and got out of his jet. We flew in, had our hellcat fiered uppon and had to to ditch our "ambush" approach for another one on the fly.

Thankfully the mission didn't end with our hellcat getting fiered upon and the mission could continue. Unfortunately the mission later ended quite abruptly with the VIP getting shot. I don't have a solution to this, such things happens when people are tensed up. Perhaps an even mroe obvious outfit could have been used, but how obvious should one need to be? Anyways, theese things happends, it's a shame that it did, but there's no reason to get hungup on that.

Other thoughts

As a person who's only played on EU 1 and 2 earlier, it was quite a step up in difficulty. We had 3 squads set up, 2 for ground units and 1 for pilots. As a pilot it was very difficult to keep track of what was going on on the ground, as we couldn't see the group markers. Telling friend from foe was difficult, but added a great ammount to immersion.

Going from a server where you can see teammates on the map, to one where you have to ask if the target is friendly or not, that's a big step up in difficulty. Going from a server where you can place a marker and have a waypoint show up to a server where you can't, that's a step up in difficulty. It really helped with the immersion, but I would also think that it was the reason behind some of the disorientation.

As a pilot, not having that waypoint was kind of weird in the beginning, you had to navigate using landmarks and spent alot of time watching the map, nothing which you're doing in EU 1 or 2. The renderdistance was rather short (forced by server?) and you couldn't always see the landmarks you expected to see. It wasn't as bad as it was for Luetin while landing that jet, but I personaly think that a slightly increased render distance while flying (if possible) would make navigation in aircrafts alot easier, either that, or simply keeping everyone in the same group so that the pilot can use the group tags to help and navigate from those.

All in all I'm amazed. I watched the fist PVP night on the stream and it looked amazing. I wanted to be there, this was just the gameplay I was looking for. I created an account on Ahoyworld, played quite a bit on EU1 and 2, but I could never even have imagined how amazing theese PVP nights would be once you were there, experiencing it first hand.

Sure, everything didn't work out as intended. It took longer than expected to set up and the missions wouldn't work propperly etc, but all in all it was an amazing experience. I've played Arma 3 for 1000+ hours, but those few hours yesterday was by far the best hours I've ever had in Arma.

I really do hope that this one night of misfortune won't discourage Luetin from hosting anymore of theese nights, because I think I just fell in love with those nights.

That's about all I have to say, cheers and see you on the battlefield.


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A little scripting could really help here.


In onPlayerRespawn.sqf, there can be a hintC that produces an explanatory hint for players that join, which sets out the rules on the server.  The player must click on the OK box for the hint to be removed, which qualifies as their reading and acceptance of the rules; after that, anyone who breaches a rule can be kicked with a clear conscience.


I wouldn't use a Virtual Arsenal for PvP.  I'd stick to set loadouts and have a few ammo boxes with extra weapons and gear that you want to have available for the mission.  The Virtual Arsenal has convenience but it's also fraught with difficulty, and peoples' inner OCD will come out to the point that they will spend 30 minutes getting the exact right kit.


Something I've experimented with on EU3 is to start all the players in a locked hangar until mission start, and then just remove the hangar when the mission is a go.


As a suggestion I would say that if you are having IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) issues, then as part of the map design have a single enemy unit in each team's spawn that's set to enableSimulation false, so it can just sit there being an example of what the bad guy will look at.  Players can shoot at it til the cows come home and it will be fine.



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Well I really enjoyed playing last night, especially as First Person was disabled, made flying a bit more exciting!

I do think that speeding up the setting up of the missions/sever can be improved with minor changes.

I also agree with Someone on having a Google doc or something with everything you need to know about the PvP match to explain things easily and quickly, this could be put in the team speak channels description.

Overall it was good fun, and cant wait for the next one in the near future maybe?!?

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Hey Folks, I enjoyed Friday night was good to play along side you guys but saying that it was bit frustrating due to the fact our team leader was not in comm`s with us did not help one bit and mainly peeps doing there own thing and not listening. i feel things would run better for everyone if peeps would just chill and not be like a bunch of school girls .. i love good team play and PVP nights could be epic at that. hopefully it gets sorted as with anything might just take bit time get right i guess. see you all on the battlefield :) 

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