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Map Marking

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Hi guys, I've noticed recently that we haven't been able to place markers on the map anymore via Side chat and such, was this done on purpose or? As at the moment whoever we want in charge has to be voted as Admin and its just gets frustrating to get everyone to starting voting as admin.


Thanks, Kieran

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I'm not sure but I think you can consider that as part of the fun? Squadleads having to take note of coordinates and do their own marking for their fireteams. But then again I'm sure there is a copy map function implemented in ACE as well.

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It becomes far too involved. Copy Map doesn't always seem to work, and it ends up as a problem when PlatCo can't create markings for the SLs, and the SLs can't create markings for the TLs.


Effectively reporting the findings of aerial recon is near impossible.

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