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IEDs And Mines On EU3

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Well Hello all EU3 Players, one late nigth i was thinking of something, something about IEDs and Mines on the EU3 Dessert Maps or the orther maps. I say this becuse i fell like that its what we need on the servers, when we do convoys or we are walking to an AO. there could be more then just EI on the sides of the road. so why not plant some IEDs so we could get a bit more MILSIM into the server, and the EOD/Engineers have more to do. and it could also bring in some more action to the server. try to imagine u driving or walking along a road when suddenly the vehicle or the man infront of u Blows up and u start taking fire from all dictions. that could be awesome.

So yeah i hope that the admins would replay and/or look into it. 








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