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Iron Front (mod )


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Well to start it's a direct conversion from Arma 2 so it's a bit buggy but there is an active dev team working to bring it up to Arma 3 standards.


I don't really think there's any groups that play it either which is a shame but like I said, it is buggy atm.


I'm sure another World War 2 mod will come out soon ;)

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As i purchased Iron Front ( £5 ) last year  in Steam sale i re-installed it as the vid below




Then downloaded the  Steam Workshop mission " Colleville  "

played by the lad in link below.




I have to say it was it is for me the best looking WW2 around at the moment .


I hope this game can be saved , it has a lot of potential when run in ArmA.


I would be very interested in playing this should Devs ever get it up and running.

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I recently downloaded a further two (game changing ) mods for the  IRON FRONT in ArmA3 Conversion.


IFA3WARMOD  (Gunter  Severloh )


@GEIST     all in one textures pack


They are comprehensive addons to both how the game is played and looks

It is also included within the " VIRTUAL ARSENAL "


They are excellent




If you like this game they are a must have.









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