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Dont fix if it aint Broke



I am referring to to the EU#2 invade and annex server which now seems to be first person only, EU#1 and EU#2 are normally full most of the day, usually very difficult to get any kind of slot, I notice since EU#2 was changed to first person only, it is no longer as popular, i.e not many people on it (check gametracker for the stats) , some things are best left that work good, in this instance I reckon changing it to first person only doesn't work well, this is just my personal opinion due to the fact that I haven't played on EU#2 since this change, not sure if anyone else feels the same, and my opinion is no slight on anyone who came up with this idea, I just think its a bad idea. 

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from /topic/4998-eu-1-vs-eu-2/

1) EU #1 has third person view, that has been disabled on EU #2 just a few days ago.

correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this was disabled for below game night, probably just haven't gotten round to enabling it

I'm fairly sure they'll change it back eventually, but who knows. 

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I'm not sure when they changed it back, but it's been 1st and 3rd person for at least a few days now. Disabling 3rd person was done for a special Zeus mission a while ago, (I assume) the admins forgot to add 3rd person back when the mission was over.

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