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Gamenight Sat. 30th Jan.


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We will be playing Operation Clipped Wings


On ArmA3 EU#3 MODDED. 

The map is Fallujah


The meet up time will be as follows:


Saturday - 3 PM GMT Mission start



Brief: A helicopter has been shot down inside of Fallujah. We need to get in there and secure the crash zone and rescue any survivors and recover any bodies from the wreckage.



You will not be allowed to JIP once the mission briefing is over..


Click here to apply for a slot! Failing to do this my mean you are not guaranteed a slot.


I'm stressing that any mucking about while we are doing this event will be met with according punishment for degrading other players enjoyment of the event. Normal EU#3 rules apply


Hope to have a good turn out and I will see you on the battlefield


For info on how to get the mods click here.

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Ah I'm going to over sleep and miss it. Damn it first time I've signed up for an event that I'm not gonna make.


Making it just going to be rather tired.

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Well, we can clearly see that the buildings weren't very well constructed so I can't be blamed if my rounds made them go "wonky".


And I love it when everybody (myself included) were jumpy with the thought when ours gonna tilt next!

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