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[Suggestion/Idea] Radios from Arsenal

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While Acre is new and as there are always new players joining EU3, there isn't always someone around to check that people aren't using radios from the arsenal. Simple idea to help ease the problem is to put a sign up over the arsenal box saying do not use radios from the arsenal, take from radio box. Then have a sign saying radio box: take from here, where the radios are. I know its stating the obvious but the use of radios from arsenal comes up as a problem a bit at the moment, and this would hopefully help  :)

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In the latest versions of Gauntlet the radios are in the Arsenal box's inventory though. This is apparently false now.

I'd also like to suggest you use this thread for future suggestions and feedback (as well as player and bug reports), since it makes it easier for mods to read and filter them! :D

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