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Insurgency update (0.23)

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Hi folks,


Here's what's happening for the next version (0.23) of Insurgency:

  • Turned the helicopter crew (Sierra) into a Pilot/Co-pilot crew, and added an additional 2-man group (Romeo), so now there are 4 helicopter crew in total (2 pilots, 2 co-pilots).
  • Changed 3x Little Birds to 2x UH-1Y (unarmed) Hueys and 1x Little Bird (M6-HM).
  • Added Tango squad.  This three-man team is a recon squad, dressed in Takistani clothing and armed to match; they will be able to travel icognito in Fallujah in order to surveil the operation areas.  They don't show up on your map as BLUFOR, so coordination will be key (they do have a PRC148 to communicate with MARSOC); if they get too close to OPFOR, their cover will be blown.  Civilians treat them as regular OPFOR, as will Independent resistance fighters.
  • Added Whiskey squad as Platoon Command. This two-man team consists of the Platoon Commander and a JTAC radio operator to coordinate with Romeo and Sierra.
  • Added an 8-man squad on the Independent side; this is just in case we have another run on the server.  So now there are 45 slots in total.  If need be I'll add more Independent squads.
  • Fixed a few loadouts: The Medic has a lot more medical supplies (thanks Minipily), the Sniper has a PRC-343 and a new scope (Kahlia).
  • Added para-drops for helicopter cargo, as you can see here:


More to come!  Hopefully I'll be in a position to host another game night this coming Friday.



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Tango sounds pretty useful.


I'm just worried about all the "operative" fan boys that loiter EU3 that will want to take that squad and a make a muck out of it.


Maybe in time a sort of logistical squad could be useful if we don't already have such, basically a squad designated to driving in supplies and also setting up small F.O.B's or Aid Stations. Could open up a lot of opportunity.


No problem bout the medic loadout, i'm always open to helping out with other loadouts if need be, I am a fan of realistic loadouts after all.


Buzzing for the next Insurgency gamenight, last one was very fun.

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It could be an idea to open up a single Insurgency thread with all the versions and changes so we can see it`s progress due course!


I love what you did with the paradrop. Could you tell me why you have chosen for the UH-1Y?

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