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Okay so I've come to a decision and I'm happy to remove the ban and give you another chance, however I will leave you with a message.


This whole situation spiralled way out of control over something extremely small, both of you were at fault in my opinion based on what I've seen. Yes some of the things he said in Arma chat were unnecessary however, you continued responding to him, just feeding the fire instead of letting it be when he clearly wasn't interested in what you had to say.


As for your comments about Teamspeak, nobody I have spoken to has mentioned anything about him making offensive comments towards members of your family and the footage I have listened to in the lead up to your TS ban shows you completely overreacting with multiple users telling you to calm down and stop it. Of course I wasn't there myself but none of the evidence I have seen leads me to believe your behaviour in Teamspeak was acceptable.


In future I would suggest if somebody tries to get a reaction from you then simply ignore them or move away, as many times as is necessary. Alternatively, seek an admin before you put yourself into this position again.


- Danny (Community Referee)

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