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Ingame Name: Miczils


Why do you think you were banned: I was banned for bad language - callng players names (expalination under)


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?: I called a player Imbecile after he (probably for fun) shot a mortar at the spawn area, (i understand it was stupid and i am sorry for that, but this guy got me pretty pissed after i got my gear almost complete and was about to save it when 3 mortar shells came in killing me and a lot of players at the spawn) after which i was dragged to TS channel and an Admin (PERO) told me that i shouldn't call people names but come and talk with admins instead. I accepted and wen't back to the game. After some time a guy asked how should he kill a spider (and yes he meant the animal one, not a player :>), i responded jokingly with a instruction to extermination of anthropods, exactly:

Burn that fucker.  


After which i got banned, i think that the Pero did misunderstood my chat as it being about a player, and i understand why he would ban me for that, obviously he warned me. But i didn't say that to call or about any player/person. Most players who were in teamspeak can confirm that i did not write that about a player as i understood the warning. (legorig, theo, NIk, unloco and some other's)

I just want to add that i am sorry for hate speech but in my defense i use it at people who actually did something bad I get pretty, very angry when people do something obviously stupid to disrupt elses game, teamkillers, rammers, and guys that shoot at people taking off in evac point because they didn't have space for them. I never called a guy idiot for crashing, misfire teamkill or something that he didn't do on purpose


Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only): PERO[AW]


When were you banned?: 16.1.2016 - around 1, maybe 1,5 hours ago.

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I did followed the procedure.    

You mean the topic name? Im sorry didn't saw that one in the procedure. Can i change it?

Edit: Sozio changed the name, thank you very much and sorry for that. 

Btw. Thank you for such fast response!

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Thanks for the appeal.


You were warned numerous times about your language by admins yet continued to use it in the servers, as such you were banned. Due to it not being the most serious offence your ban was a temporary one and not permanent so will expire after a set amount of time. However, once this ban is lifted, should you continue to use similar language consistently after being warned we shall have to reconsider our position regarding a permanent ban, I hope this acts as a firm warning of that fact.


Ban lift date: January 20th


- Danny (Community Referee)

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