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Hi all


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I've been playing Arma since A2's release day, so I'm still a bit of a newbie in terms of BIS' series (if you go back to OFP!), but I'm heavily invested in this game. I've been playing milsim in a group for the past 6 years, but from watching a few videos of you guys on your modded server, you seem like a good group to play with for some fun when I'm not playing with my regulars.


I'm big into scripting for Arma, and I'm currently working on a dynamic civilian-behaviour FSM and a dialogue-tree in the vein of an action-RPG to go with it - plan for this is to allow players to play in believable, "living" environments during counter-insurgency operations, getting HUMINT from the civs on enemy locations or w/e, as well as seeing the civpop doing more than their usual getting in the way, or standing frozen in the middle of a gunfight! I'll be getting the first iteration working for my group, and maybe I'll get a public release eventually for you guys to try out too! Don't hold me on that, though, I usually get distracted by the next cool idea that pops into my head and I leave my big projects on the shelf, haha.


I'm also very interested in making Arma's AI better. I'm nowhere near enough to being experienced to working on an AI solution, certainly not to the level of Genesis and his VCom AI mod, but that's the goal I have in sight to eventually get to. I think everyone knows the AI's in desperate need of a bit of help!


Anyways, I'll eventually get around to downloading all the EU3 mods, and I might pop on and see you lot soon.

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Welcome Cyteless, your experience sounds awesome, see you in-game. And to download the EU3 mods..

A new tutorial video to download and set up the mods is on its way very soon. The one here:http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3174-how-to-download-the-allowed-addons-the-modded-addons/ is valid but we dont use TFAR any more, we have switched to ACRE. 

In the mean time get used to these http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3556-eu3-rules-and-guidelines-please-read/  . See you soon! :P



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Welcome Cyteless!

Ryko is currently working on somewhat the same insurgency idea as you are, you should chat, we already tested it our once, it was great.

If you like running your own missions etc: I have recently decided to let members with zeus experience run Gamenights that I host aswell to increase the amount of people that can be involved in these and get to know your skills. So let me know if your interested in that!

Cya around!

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