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Acre, Arsenal and radios

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Okay folks were aware of an issue where when you load a radio from one of your Arsenal load outs it causes ID issues with the radio.

So please do not save or load radios via the Arsenal.

If you need a radio we have filled the inventory of the Arsenal with radios for you to grab.

Thank you! Please spread the word.

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Observation: Taking a working radio, saving it in the arsenal and loading it during the session works. As soon as you log out and log in, radio doesn't work. If you're playing and save a radio in the arsenal, it should last for the whole game session at least.

After you log in later, just throw out your non-working one, take another working one (from crate, or someone's default loadout), save it and use it for the length of your playing session again. Should be simple enough. 


Another observation confirmed:

If you are on CCH-Description channel (Any), anyone can hear you on that radio, but you can't hear them. Again, just get the working one from the crate/default loadout.


Doesn't seem to apply on 343. Those work kind of perfectly for me.

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Just don't save/load radios using arsenal. Even though you might not have gotten issues, it is somewhat proven by Josh&co that it is one of the core issues.

Loadouts are being looked at and assignment of radios should be effective enough. That radio has issues? Take it from the box :)

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Icy, I think you didn't read my post properly. Yes, saving and loading radios doesn't work, but only after you actually log out and log in. When you're still in the game session, the saved radio (which was previously taken from crate/default loadout in the same game session) works as long as you stay there.


So yes, main resource for radios is the box/default loadout. Thing is, yesterday, while playing Chernarus Summer, we didn't have any crate with radios. We were forced to use 343 only.

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