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The life and works of David Bowie - A remembrance event - 16/1/16


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Hey folks, just to make you aware I'll be hosting an event this coming Saturday to celebrate the legacy of Bowie and mourn his passing. He was a pioneer in everything he did, inspired many great artists with his work and entranced generations.

The event will be on teamspeak, live from 12pm GMT onwards until 19.30pm. As this is a remembrance event, the music box will have speaking priority and anyone being disruptive over the music will be kicked and should they persist, staff will be contacted for harsher punishment. Singing along is encouraged, so long as no one is asking you to stop.

The rota for the event will be a playlist of Bowies work and a few tracks from well known artists he inspired to get into music, from Iggy Pop to Midge Ure.

See you folks there and I hope you have a good time. If an admin could shift this to the events sub forum I would appreciate it, wouldn't let me create this in there.

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