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Time of preparation @ TS: 20:00 GMT (15:00 EST)

Time of operation start: 20:30 GMT

Time of operation end: 22:30 GMT

Type of gameplay: CO-OP

Mods: EU#3 Repository Mods


After much ado, version 0.22 of my Insurgency mission is almost ready to roll out - I am planning to have it ready for this coming Friday, and need a bunch of people to stress test it!


This mission is based on Project Reality's "Insurgency" game mode, but a lot more detailed.  In a nutshell: the city of Fallujah is overrun by insurgent forces, and your MARSOC team has a mission to take out several weapons caches hidden in the city.  You don't know where they are exactly, but you have a vague idea, and gathering intel will help you narrow down their exact location.  You have two hours to accomplish your objective.


41 signups! Good job folks!


Here's some video highlights from a pre-Alpha test:



I will be posting the mission briefing details tomorrow, for those of you who want to read all about it before showing up.


Looking forward to seeing you!



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Here are the most salient briefing notes from the mission, so you can read them here if you like.


August, 2012. The city of Fallujah is in chaos. After the withdrawl of allied forces following the end of Operation New Dawn, Islamist extremists stepped up their efforts and scored a major victory by taking key positions within Fallujah. The Iraqi Army attempted a major push, inflicting major damage but ultimately ending in a retreat by the Iraqis. As of this moment, the insurgents still maintain control over Fallujah.



The United States maintains several Special Operations Teams in Iraq, including your MARSOC Marine Platoon. In the aftermath of the assault, the insurgent forces were able to receive several shipments of weapons which have allowed them to fortify their positions in and around the city.
Satellite surveillance shows a convoy of insurgent reinforcements moving in to bolster the insurgents' defences. We have a two-hour window in order to conduct lightning strikes against key targets in the city.



Our intelligence is that the insurgents have five caches of weapons and equipment located throughout the city: if we are able to destroy those caches before insurgent reinforcements arrive, we will have dealt them a major blow and provided a significant advantage for an Iraqi counter-attack.
The CIA is providing direct assistance in our operation: any enemy intelligence you can obtain can be submitted for review by their Intelligence team to narrow down the potential cache locations. Alpha and Bravo squads have a CIA liaison embedded with them, the Intelligence Officer, for this purpose. Insurgent fighters may carry a variety of materials that can be searched for, and should be provided to the Intelligence officer for review.


The Insurgency:
Despite the best efforts of the CIA it's unclear exactly which faction of extremism is operating here: for our purposes, it's not important. What is important to know is that these fighters are fresh off a successful defence of the city, and battle-hardened veterans. They are armed with Russian-style weaponry. Intelligence reports there are several anti-air teams operating throughout the city. OPFOR vehicles include four-wheel drive Off-road style trucks. At this time there are no reports of armored vehicles.
Be advised that enemy fighters carry a variety of items that can be searched for that may provide intel towards our objectives. It is not uncommon for enemy fighters to booby trap themselves with a variety of devices to ensure this intel does not fall into our hands.


There is still a significant civilian presence in Fallujah: while the vast majority of the city's population have fled, many civilians have nowhere to go or have been caught up in the fighting. Some civilians have even taken up arms to defend their property and their loved ones, and have become CIA assets. The CIA has provided weapons and other battlefield items to help them in their resistance, and they are a source of great intel.
YOU SHOULD GO TO GREAT LENGTHS TO AVOID CIVILIAN CASUALTIES. Civilians can provide useful intelligence on the battlefield with regard to enemy troop movements, as well as the nature and location of enemy positions. If civilians are harmed or harrassed by MARSOC, they won't trust you, and will be less eager to help you. If they are overly abused, our Resistance fighters will perceive you as a threat and will probably treat you as such.
Civilians are inclined to trust MARSOC if we are able to carry out our mission and destroy enemy positions, and kill or capture enemy combatants.


Intelligence can be obtained from anyone, assuming they have any to obtain. You use the 'SEARCH' function via the ACE interaction menu: if you are successful in your search, the intel is automatically added to you. It is virtual, in the sense that it does not occupy a position in your inventory. If you die, another play may search your body to add your intel to his own. Also, you may transfer your intel to another player, also through the ACE interaction menu, with the 'TRANSFER INTEL' function. If Civilians and Resistance fighters find you suitably trustworthy, they may also provide you with Intel just from talking to them.
Be advised that some roles are better than others for finding intel. The Intelligence officer is the best, followed by Squad and Team Leaders.


Booby Traps:
Insurgent fighters have been known to place booby traps in buildings, on vehicles, and on roads, and even on themselves to effect maximum losses on our forces. Should you discover a booby trap, be advised that the best person to deal with it is the EOD Technician. After that, the Combat Engineer is very effective, followed by the Squad and Team Leaders. Everyone else has some training on how to disarm traps, but is by no means the expert the EOD Tech is. Grenade traps are slightly easier to disarm than bombs and suicide vests; having a Defusal Kit in your inventory will also be helpful.


MARSOC Reinforcements:

During this operation you may incur losses. Be aware that respawns are always available at the main base to the north of the city, and at an auxiliary truck park to the northwest of the city. The Combat Engineer may also place a respawn point, and at several points through the mission the CIA will secure safehouses which can be used to respawn and re-arm. BE ADVISED THAT MARSOC VEHICLES DO NOT RE-SPAWN.


New ACE Abilities:
All units have the following extra abilities in the ACE interaction menu, under the 'Equipment' Node:
CHECK INTEL: (self-interaction) Allows you to see what intel items you have collected.
TRANSFER INTEL: Allows you to transfer the intel items you are carrying to the player you interact with.
As well, all players have the STOP action:
STOP!: (self-interaction) Will attempt to attract the attention of nearby Civilians. If successful, a Civilian will stop what he's doing and allow the player to interact with him.


Special ACE Abilities:

Two roles in the MARSOC team have special abilities that are present in their ACE Self Interaction menu, under the 'Equipment' Node:
REVIEW INTEL: as described previously, an Intelligence officer may submit any accumulated intel to CROSSROAD for review. Make sure you are in a safe place when doing this, as it will render you immobile for approximately ten seconds. During this operation, your map will be updated with the results of the review, which should narrow down and identify the locations of enemy activity. Be aware that not all intel is useful: a cache that's been already destroyed may be the thing that a piece of intel refers to.
DEPLOY RALLY POINT: a Combat Engineer has the ability to create a respawn location. This location also contains a small supply of ammunition. The Combat Engineer must be within 5 meters of any Intelligence officer to deploy the Rally Point. The Rally Point will last for fifteen minutes, at which point it will disappear. After a ten-minute cool-down, the rally point may be re-deployed by the Combat Engineer.


1. You only have two hours, so don't waste time.
2. Finding intel is the key to winning the mission: narrowing down your search area, and what is actually contained in that area, will speed up your progress.
3. Use the right people for the job when it comes to searching for intel and dealing with booby traps.
4. The Objective Caches are always placed in buildings, as are their OPFOR defenders. If you can't find the cache, check the buildings where you found the bad guys.
5. Friendly civilians and resistance fighters will be more generous to you as you complete your mission objectives, so time your conversations with them after you destroy an objective or finish a major engagement with the enemy.
6. BLUFOR reputation will suffer if you kill or injure civilians or restrain too many civilians. Over time this penalty will be alleviated.

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Probably having to back out of this one, finally got my PC to recognise it was a legitimate version of Windows, and it instantly started to upgrade to Windows 10.  It saved all my files, which is about all it saved.


All the games, Steam, TS and Arma3Sync have been removed. It even got rid of WinRar and has set the keyboard configuration to American...


It'll take me the majority of Tomorrow and probably a large chunk of Saturday to get things up and running properly

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