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*Suggestion/Idea/Discussion* ACE Fireteam joining

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this topic is aimed primarily at developers. However, anyone is welcome to share their opinion.


I am aware of possibility to join other fireteams during the game session, using the ace menu. However I was told that doing so might cause issues (noone told me what kind of issues). I am not even aware of any issues, as in my very first days of EU#3 modded, I remember using this feature a few of times, without any issues visible.


May I get confirmation/denial on this rumor?


If it is true, is there anything you can do with fixing possible issues it may cause?


Why bother? Because EU#3 is supposed to be played tactically. Things is, when casualties happen, various elements might need to be merged. In that case, this option would allow to fill up the KIA slots in elements with members of other almost combat ineffective elements.

Possible issues might come when backup with original element members arrive to the AO. In that case, people should actually remember their original element and rejoin it as soon as the situation makes it possible.


Upon further review of this topic, I have come to a conclusion that this issue is actually not important enough to act as a suggestion. I would call it as an idea instead, open for discussion.



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Joining other teams through Ace does cause many problems:


It ruins the team structure

It has a very high chance of causing the team names to change, for example, A1 could turn into something like Alpha 2-2

It can lead to some people deciding that a single fireteam should actually be 2 sniper teams or Navy Seal Team 56 or some crap


To answer 'why bother'?


Well, if someone dies or DC's and the fireteams end up with 3 in one team and like 2 in the other, that can be fixed back at base by relogging or regrouping, joining other teams is a no no, there's no need to do it, people just need to learn to work together even when part of different teams.


So yeah, not that important really.

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I'd quite like for this to be a usable feature to be honest. I mostly play as Command Engineer, and find myself being attached to a fireteam fairly frequently for escort to a demolition objective, for example. Being able to keep track of them via something other than line of sight would be handy.

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Also, one of the core issues from "back in the day" (also relevant to Gauntlet, much so) to this problem Is (any) BLUFOR Tracker could and most likely will fail in its duty to maintain functional registration of all the groups on the map. For example, you must have by now sometimes seen on the map "Alpha -1-3" instead of A1 or any other. Because you join in on each other the original slots get mixed up and voila.

And let's not forget it's functional problems stated above me.

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It's fairly easy to remove the ability to join another person's team via the ace interaction menu by configuring the relevant ACE module this way.

If it is not allowed for people to do this, the clear way to enforce it is to remove the ability to do so.

- R


I agree with this.  Either make it acceptable to use or remove it.

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