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As an official word, we now have a World of Warcraft guild properly up and running! With a current user-base of 28 we're on the Alliance side of the EU PvE realm Aggramar. It's been great fun so far watching the guild grow and flourish just like this site and all I can see ahead of us is more of the same!

In light of such developments I've also added to the forum the ability for users to enter their WoW name and realm in the Personal Details section of their profile. You can then choose to show this information on each of your posts, providing other users with a link to your WoW Armoury page so they can check out all your stats!

If you'd like to have a wee nosey at the guild, you can find our Armoury page here.

As a final note, if you'd like to join us just whack a post in the forums! Any one of us would be happy to send you an invite and get you in! Thanks to those who've helped make Ahoy World what it is so far!

Good hunting!

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