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Ahoy World Altis Life?

Pac Of Man

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I can say with almost 99% certainty that this will not happen. Reason being is simple. 


In the time I have been here (roughly 2 and a half years) we have run an Altis Life server 3 times, each of those times a tonne of work goes into it, a handful of community members play on there for about a month or two and then it sits empty until it eventually gets shut down again. At this point, with the other things that our staff team have to concentrate on both here in the community and IRL, I think you will struggle to find one that is willing to give up/has the time needed to get an Altis Life server started and subsequently maintained.


Of course I could be totally wrong and there might be an admin who has been waiting for this very opportunity!


I appreciate you coming to the forums to share your ideas for the community though :)


- Danny

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