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Multiple connections from same public IP


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Hey all

I started playing on the AW servers with my brother not that long ago and I was wondering if there are any rules regarding multiple connections from the same public IP. Because sometimes I can't seem to connect or get disconnected whilst my bro is doing just fine.

Thanks in advance and see you on the battlefield!

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You can play with your brother from the same IP, our database is based on GUIDs anyway, each client has its own.


As of your actual connection, might have to do something with your router/switch that you use. You might wanna check your router setting, probably something to do with DHCP or you firewall setting on the router.


See this:https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/79471-odd-connect-error-w-multiple-machines-from-same-ip/

and this: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/111256-2-players-with-same-ip-cant-connect/

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The way generic outbound network traffic works is as follows:


- your PC send a request (signal\traffic\packet) into the www
- Inside this packet is a return address as to where the receiving server has to send it's reply to
- This return address is inserted in there by the software that send the packet (in this case arma3) at this point it will be you local network IP (example or etc..)

- Your router\firewall sees this and will change it to your public ip that you got assigned from your ISP (example 82.564.234.1)

- You router will also remember this so when the reply comes, your router will know what local PC (and port) to send this reply to in your network


So the possible faults you might have are:

1 - Your router gets confused when there is too much similar traffic from the same port\protocol, to multiple local PC

2 - Your router NAT system got screwed

3 - Not very likely but theoretically possible: your ISP is also ding some NAT transversal, and somehow screws the return address



1 - Normally happens only on very cheap routers or bad firmware, try updating your router firmware or buy a new\better router

2 - Try rebooting your router or re-setup your natting table if your router allows this

3 - Test this first with Wireshark, than contact your IPS with the proof, if any.


As you see your options are unfortunately very limited, and it's hard for me to further troubleshoot without going hands-on.


In case rebooting your router solves your problem, but it keeps coming back after some time, you could also try to schedule a automatic reboot every morning before you wake up. This is a work around and not a solution, but hey if it works, it works ... :D

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Hi Kamaradski

The problems still returns now and then but not as frequent anymore. I'm using my modem/router issued by my ISP in bridged mode and use a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 as actual router. Both router and router/modem are on the latest firmware and reboot every morning.


I personally suspect the problem lies with my ISP, since my brother mentioned the same issues.

Not much you nor me can do about it but I really appreciate the info and effort!

Thanks and see ya on the servers :D

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