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Hey all.


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Hello all. Been enjoying playing on the EU 1 and 2 servers. I really love the relaxed but structured feel of the whole experience. Found the community through Luetin's YouTube videos and then his Twitch stream. My only gripe is the lack of a US server. Sadly, being state-side, I get roughly a 150-200 ping on the EU servers, which doesn't kill the experience, but definitely hampers it a bit. Would be curious if there are any plans to get a US server going. If so, I would definitely donate towards that end on a monthly basis. In either case, I'm looking to hours of fun with you all.

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Hi, there is or was a US I&A server, however the gametracker link is broken and i cant seem to find it on the server list in Arma. So its either down cause it broken or there are different plans for that server in the future, not sure.

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