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Close combat side mission


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I think most players look forward to close combat as I see everybody usually rushes to towns to check buildings and engage enemies close up


So can we have a side mission which consists of more enemy infantry, something like "Liberate town" or "Secure intel" where intel is in one of the houses in the middle of a town or a base

I think it would be a lot of fun, as it's more tactical and thrilling than long range engaging, so what do you think guys?


I really hope this one would be taken into consideration


btw, I added EU#1 to my startup config so you can say i'm totally hooked here :D

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Hi there and welcome, most of the stuff you have mentioned is in place at the moment and is running. However if you feel it can be improved in any way BACONMOP is looking for people to help develop Invade and Annex. Hope that helps.





As you said, there are main missions placed over town, I (don't think) I've seen a side mission in a town - perhaps understandably for some types of mission such as secure intel, because searching through dozens of houses may become tedious after a while. I also believe that OP was suggesting a new mission type, perhaps where civilians are spawned and BLUFOR has to clear a town while killing less than X civilians. 


Also, armathree, if you're not interested in development, then you may consider also looking here: http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/forum/24-the-ideas-box/

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