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MV-22 Osprey

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A first question is: Do we have this aircraft in our arsenal? (Didn't find it, also never seen it in use)


If not, would it be hard adding this aircraft to our arsenal?


Why? Considering the current content of our aircraft and generally whole arsenal, MV-22 Osprey would most probably blend in. It would definitely provide a nice change and beautiful addition to the arsenal. To be honest, I didn't see this aircraft in action yet.


What do you think about it?


Is there a reason of not including it in the arsenal sooner?


Edit: Just found out we would be probably using CV-22 used by USAF instead of MV-22 used by USMC.




P.S.: Also love this http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27960


P.S.S.: sri for bat engrish

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It's only 23MB, and what looks to be a great Arma 2 port - I can't see why it shouldn't be an extra option for Vortex & Talon.


I wouldn't jump at the Huey pack though, there are already some great Hueys in the RHS mod.



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Might be better to wait until after Tanoa comes out before we go adding any Ospreys. BIS will be adding some sort of tilt rotor craft in that pack, so they'll be revamping how vehicles can transition from the heli flight model to fixed wing flight model I imagine. No more dropping like a brick whilst landing autopilot is on cos the ai of it decided fix wing would be the best mode for a vertical landing

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We have bigger map(s), like Chernarus.

Anyway, I am aware of the fact that the helicopters and planes we have so far are really sufficient for all the tasks.

I didn't want it because I found our arsenal lacking a sufficient aircraft. I wanted it for variety, looks and because it appears to be a pretty common aircraft vehicle.

If we were to keep only the useful aircraft, we would delete all of them, keeping just one type of Littlebird, CH, and UH, along with one type of gunship and one type of plane. Where's fun in that?

Variety is definitely making the server a little more realistic.

We have the opportunity to include another commonly used army aircraft into our arsenal, why not take it?

The only thing that got me worried is Pancake's comment about the possible new flight model and revamp for VTOL aircraft.

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An MV-22 would be pretty good but like Pancake says, just wait, Tanoa is most likely adding some kind of MV-22 design as one of it's vehicles.


Ya know, those who wait patiently never wait too long.


As for the aspect of having one of these birds, I feel that it could make a interesting addition as part of logistics and transport, though it would feel more at home on a large scale island map, possibly with a carrier, that would be interesting.


It's not even a bad vehicle in reality either, it showed a lot of use in operations through Iraq and Afghanistan and had a MUCH larger combat radius then a Chinook. Biggest problem though is maintenance, this thing is EXTREMELY expensive to take care of and only has like a 50-60% availability for what little groups use it. But then again, this is Arma.


As for the Huey pack, like Ryko says, RHS has Huey's in it that work just fine, although that Huey pack you said could be a good one if someone was also to make a mission with the Unsung Vietnam mod.


Though variety is a big thing this server can offer, I feel that it would be better to enforce more ground operations, for example: Vehicle Convoys, Mechanized Warfare, Foot Patrols, etc. Stuff like that is always fun and is hardly ever done, except for vehicle convoys but they are only really done if they HAVE to be done. A lot of people on EU3 need to develop some patience and put their legs to work, if they have never tried some of these things then they have no right in saying it's "boring".

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So I downloaded the 2 mods and I just don't see the osprey from that mod being practical, especially after flying it. With the Huey's I was impressed by the wide range of helicopters and the many many different armaments and that he fixed the animations for the gunners that all other Huey mods have, but he has the whoopdey doop flight model which is soo bad that it out weighs everything that it does well.

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Thanks for further responses and thanks BACON for feedback.

To be honest, I might have actually failed at providing one while suggesting the mod. I will definitely remember that for further mod suggestions.


I see why the Osprey is a no-go now. We shall see what kind of V-22 will BIS introduce officially.


To the Huey Pack now... The "P.S.:" is on purpose, as I don't see any practical use for all those Huey helicopters. I just wanted to share the mod with you guys, it is really a nice mod, might be good for personal use.


If there's any chance of implementing this mod, I would strongly agree, as I am really a layman fan of 'nam war. To be honest, a jungle map with The Viet Cong army as enemy, while having some more American 'nam styled gear available, would be really beautiful. I don't think it would be much practical though, as I am afraid that a very few people share my love for the 'nam theme and wouldn't play it. Not in ArmA III at least.

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I've always thought nam could be an interesting setting, but we'd need a whole set of different custom mods for that.

That's exactly the problem. No point in creating a whole new server for just another setting.


We could even have WW2 if we wanted.

Well... We have Red Orchestra 2 for that, actually.

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