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Merry Chritsmas All!


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I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone here in the community a Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a good holiday season, and i hope we all have a good Christmas and a happy new year!


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the guys who make AW work, from members, donators, Field ambassadors, Moderators on EU#3, Admin and Corestaff, we wouldn't be able to have this amazing community without all of you doing your bit! This has to be one of the most hospitable and awesome communities i have ever been part of. 

Just make sure to help out each other over the holiday as the servers fill up and demand for AW actions increase, help to make this holiday a good one for gaming and socializing!


Meanwhile i'll be out policing the crowds on Christmas eve (Refer to below video) - No this video isnt for the community!




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Happy Christmas to you all, unless you don't celebrate it in which case Happy Holidays :D

2015 has been a great year for AhoyWorld, we have seen massive growth and its all thanks to the efforts all of you guys put in, Staff and Members alike! I'm sure 2016 will be just as good if not better for us with new games and gaming experiences coming out. So for now enjoy yourselves in this relaxed period and I look forward to having some fun with you all in the New Year! :D 


Bring on 2016!

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Holiday???!!! Christmas???!!!


Dude!!!!!, ive been working a week non stop. 15 hours a day, no break the past 7 days.

Feeding over 3500 people in 3 days. We had our trainee peeling and cutting the unions we needed for 1 day long, unions, only unions 8 hours long,...unions. The poor boy will smell like unions till atleast july 2016.

Been busy for 2 hours with filled eggs, over 3000 of them. But not only filled, also scrambled and inside the quiche, cooked, baked ones... If i donate 1 euro for every egg i saw these days you guys could rent another 60 servers for the next year. Im done with eggs and i expect demand a ban for everyone with egg in his/her name! Everybody saying egg will get  muted for 1 year...atleast. 

Ok, ok, my mistake. Should have chosen a good job instead of sitting stoned in class. So i do wish you all a good new year. Dont mess around with heavy fireworks, ... before you know your fingers get fragged of and playing arma without hands is like christmas without unions...or eggs.

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