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Tootall checking in with ya.




Markus, 27(28 in a couple of days) from germany - joined the ahoy servers (eu1 and 2) while looking for Arma gameplay and not altis life or that epoch thing. and also cause i found luetins youtube channel :lol:


I'm still in the process of relocating some spare time to Arma but it's more difficult than i first thought.

Most of the time I'm still in the editor trying to get some piloting skill but jeah that will take a few more months i guess.


That's it for now. Cya on the servers (i'm the one falling of towers and stuff ;) )





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Welcome TooTall... Mm there's a tower on EU3 Chernarus map at spawn that people like falling off now and then perhaps you should join us on EU3 sometime :).

In short EU3 is the modded version of Invade and Annex called Gauntlet.


If you do ever want to give it a try here's the install guide:



Here's the rules too the rules are much different from IAA:


Also EU3 is a very serious server and even though I just said there's a tower you can fall off it's best you don't do such a thing.


Lastly this forum is just full of amazing guides from the medical system to the mortars I suggest you go through some of it so you aren't confused:



If you have any problems speak to me on TS3 or if I'm not there a Field Ambassador or an Admin will help.

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Thx for the warm welcome.


@Storm - i'll check out EU3, but first i've to get used to Arma otherwise i wouldn't feel very comfy playing there.


@Icy - That's y i don't bother folks by flying a helo on the servers for now.

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