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Sit-able tanks and StalkerGB's british uniforms



Hey guys. Two ideas for EU3


1. could we maybe get a script for the NATO tanks that allows us to sit on the back. The Russians can do it, and it would give us more transport options.


2. I think that StalkerGB's British Uniforms (link http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22548) would go nicely with the L85A2 / SA80 weapons we have on the server. They are very high quality (i used to use them, so i know) and would add more realism and depth for british players.

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As Pero said, adding FFV positions onto the back of the NATO tanks would require more work than a simple script. It's require modelling the pose of the guys, positioning for them and besides, most NATO vehicles wouldn't be suited to it, with the exception of the M113 off the top of my head.


On the topic of British uniforms, the TRYK woodland is pretty close to the multi terrain pattern uniforms currently in issue.

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A quick reply:

1. Not possible - it would need model/config changes and we are not allowed to do that

2. and old mod, plus we don`t need more uniforms do we?

Thanks for the feed back on the tanks. As for Uniforms, I think it would be a nice, small edition to the Arsenal, but it is by no means necessary.

However, would you accept some in-house stuff?

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