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RHS v0.4 is out! Update the repo stat! :)

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Lots of great fixes and actual content improvements as well!




  • M27 IAR rifle

  • M9 Beretta handgun

  • F-22 (Scar and nes4day)

  • CH-53E (Rocket and CUP)

  • New M136 model (TF47)

  • SMAW (TF47)

  • Added new SPC Camelbak model

  • Added USMC Assaultman role (MOS 0351)

  • Added new collimator effect to M68CCO & M552 Eotech

  • Added M1A2SEPv2 TUSK II groups

  • Added door handling script for C130

  • Added auto target track for UH1Y

  • Adding Glock 17 as placeable item in Zeus.

  • Added wearable ESS goggles

  • Added more MICH helmets

  • 66mm Smoke Projectile

  • Added Coyote and Woodland DUKE Antennae textures

  • M252 mortar

  • M119 howitzer

  • Stinger pod

  • Static TOW

  • Redish-Orangish tracer for M240

  • Added hidden selections for M4

  • Added travel lock to M109

  • New TOW missile models

  • New AN-M14 TH3 effects

  • New OpsCore models

  • Interim M240 magazines

  • Flare launcher modes (Ctrl+C to change to timed mode)

  • Added proper reload animations for M203 & M320

  • Added compatibility with Lesh's Tow Mod

  • M259 smoke launcher for M113

^ Added M113 FFV rear hatch positions and added rear ramp anim

^ Added magic antirollbar parameters to US tracked vehicles in order to prevent silly AI flips

^ Added travel lock to M109

^ Infantry hitpoint system up to 1.54 spec.

^ Infantry limb damage

^ Weapon string consistency

^ Changed (and sometimes added) vehicles ui pictures in A3 style

^ Added new turret turn limits for M1 tanks

^ Tweaked mass of 6rnd grenade packs

^ Tweaked initSpeed of M576 buckshot

^ Tweaked/added ui icons for uniforms

^ Shadow for AN/PEQ-15/M952V

^ Tweaked UH1Y hud

^ Small spelling mistakes in cfgHints.hpp

^ Javelin can lock on air targets

^ Added missing Author tags

^ M320 is no longer visible in holster slot

^ Tweaked M1911 holster scale & holster offset point to fit (for now) bis vests

^ Some tweaks to FCS code

^ 82nd and Mountain patches lowered not to float over the uniform.

^ Tweaked M113 driver anim

^ Added custom pip handler for M113

^ Re-enabled bolt action for m2010 - works with bipods now. hold fire button in order to halt rechambering animation

^ M320GL now has fire selector set to F instead of S

^ M113 M2 ammo belt clipping in first person

^ New AN-M14 TH3 effects

^ Tweaked M4 sounds

^ Uploaded Kimi fixed HMD

^ Bradley textures with correct camo colors

^ Tweaked armor structural for transport helis

^ Removed old lenses on all ACOG variants and replaced with shiny new ones

^ Leupold Mk4 Spotting scope uses now H59

^ Added new M113 gunner anims

^ Flipped direction of icon_ch47f_ca.paa

^ Fixed shadowLOD bugs for several M16s/M4A1

^ maxSpeed for M1A2

^ Cleaned up gear and weapon lods for optimization.

^ 40mm smoke rounds now use the correct 40mm slug model when fired

^ Added thermal map to M113


@ Fixed effects on static M2 machine gun & HMMWV M2 muzzle flash

@ Update US Army D & WD groups

@ M109 now has FireGeometry and Hitpoints set up correctly.

@ Fixed M107 popup error

@ M113 M2 reload feed cover animation

@ Fixed minefield module

@ Fixed bradley wheels dustpos

@ Fixed FFAR ballistic

@ Humvee LOD switching issues

@ Fixed desert M6A2 in woodland tank groups

@ Fixed HMMWV destruction from 12.7 rounds

@ Fixed some UH1Y FLIR screen errors

@ Fixed M109 commander FFV position

@ Added usePiP=1; param for UH1Y Observer - should prevent strange head twisting

@ Fixed Bradley door handler

@ Fixed IK curve rpt errors

@ Changed IR lock for TOW launcher since without that, AI refuse to engage enemies

@ Fixed some "Error compiling '0.5 * (HitEngine1 + HitEngine2)' in 'HitEngine1'" rpt errors

@ Fixed some heat refractions effects for MG's

@ Fixed missing rvmat for AH1Z

@ Disabled attachments on M32 GL

@ fixed descriptionshort for 7.62x51 M240 100 rounds belt mags

@ Fixes to M1 FCS code

@ Fixed FROG first-person hand position

@ workaround for directionStabilization quirks

@ Fixed ramp selection on M2A

@ UH-60M correct crew classes.

@ Fixed glass textures submarine like view

@ Fixed color issues with ballistic glasses

@ Fixed potential C130 explosion during paradrop

@ Fixed alpha issue for ACOG family

@ Fixed C130 ramp anims not visible from cargo lod

@ Fixed C130 turret inheritance

@ 40mm smoke rounds now use the correct 40mm slug model when fired

@ Fixed unarmed M113 FFV proxy placement in lods

@ Magnified scope ranging (Mildot/ELCAN/H59)

@ Fixed M113 commander slot in editor

@ Fixed M113 driver proxies in pilot lod

@ Fixed M113 glass movement in res lods

@ Hovering dump pouch fixed on some SPC variants.

@ removed duplicate strings to clean RPT

  • Removed HEMTT A2

  • Hide FR & MARSOC groups until done.



  • Added PAK-FA (Thanks to Lyotchik-Snayper for his cockpit)

  • PSO-1M21 Reticle

  • GSh-30-1

  • AS Val

  • 9x39mm SP5 & SP6

  • 5.45x39 & 7.62x39 subsonic ammunition

  • VG-40MD smoke shell

  • GDM40 & VG40MD gear picture

  • Icon for RVA

  • RGO hand grenade

  • Added 'vest' with pistol holster only (for drivers mainly)

  • New balaclava models

  • VDV Desert EMR Uniform & Fieldcap

  • Add VDV Desert troops

  • Add VDV Recon troops

  • Tigr-M

  • GAZ-233014 STS

  • Added NV to T-90

  • Added armed UAZs for insurgents

  • SSh-68 helmet

  • EMR 6Sh92 back by popular demand

  • GP25 round visible during reloading

  • Gorka-R Uniforms (green and yellow)

  • Added grenades for the PG-25

  • Added buoyancy parameter to geometry of amphibious vehicles (btrs/bmps,etc) (Note: amphibious vehicles still do not work correctly)

  • Added gunner & commander FFV to BMD4 & Sprut-SD

  • Added antiwater to BTRs

  • Added antiwater to PTS-M

  • added wip BMP insurgent skin

  • Added working driver HUD to BMP-3

  • Added ML and Flora variants of 6B23 Vydra-3M

  • Added test version of 6B23 w/ Vydra-3M

  • Added auto target tracking system to Sosna-U - hold for min 1 sec lase key to acquire target. need to be in thermal mode in last optic mode (АСЦ ГОТ should be visible in right upper corner)

  • Added T-90A groups

  • Added Headset Spetsnaz Vest

  • Added shadows to EKP-1

  • Added new collimator effects to PK-AS, 1P63 & EKP-1

  • Added turret blow off to T-80

  • AK-103 GP25 variants

  • More Russian Decals (Aviation)

  • AK-104 and AK-105

  • Russian Navy Squadron Decal

  • Add toolboxes to Russian tracked vehicles.

  • New Zeus missions.

  • D30 howitzer

  • Podnos mortar

  • Igla AA Pod

  • Metis 9K115

  • R-74M2, R-77 and R-77M missile models.

  • 2DP tactical flashlight

  • New AKM and PK sounds

  • Flare launcher modes (Ctrl+C to change to timed mode)

  • Added compatibility with Lesh's Tow Mod

  • Optic tinting

  • Field manual entries for ground radar and shtora

  • New Tigrs camo versions added

^ UAZ doors can now be shot out.

^ Retreading script control variables

^ Infantry hitpoint system up to 1.54 spec.

^ Infantry limb damage

^ Short AK variants have reduced muzzle velocity

^ Decal definitions moved to configs

^ Added magic antirollbar param to russian vehicles to limit flipping

^ Helmet balaclavas replaced

^ Added drive gun lock for 2S3

^ Added salvo modes for BM-21

^ 3D17 shell trajectory

^ Moved a little bit folded AK

^ Uniform textures dirtied up

^ Moved SVD aimpoint closer

^ T-72B and T-72B3 now each have there own PhysX file

^ Tweaked AA missiles max speed

^ Tweaked T-80 snorkel script

^ Changed armor structural for Mi-8 & Ka-60

^ Imporved 6Sh92 digi texture

^ Improved BMP-3 interior

^ Disabled reloading in tanks with autoloaders

^ Configured GP-25 rounds into reload animations.

^ Improved EMR cap texture

^ Improved Les textures

^ Ka-52 Vikhr missiles can now engage air targets.

^ Fixed Mi-24 cockpit holes

^ Holstered pistols are now visible on crew officer & commander vests

^ RSP-30 are no longer visible in holdsters

^ Replaced RSP-30 with makarov for commander units

^ Commander turrets in tanks & IFV are now properly occupied by commander units

^ Minor tweaks to BMP-3 models (hatches, shadows, etc)

^ Improved eye memory points for all AKs and SVDs

^ Changed T-90A turret rotation speed since it's using 2E42-4 stabilizer

^ PTS-M floats

^ Improved Su-25 Crow Decal

^ Lowered terrainCoef for UAZ

^ Raised normalSpeedForwardCoef to prevent too slow offroad speeds

^ Improved collimator effect for T-72B NSVT

^ Replaced random Headgear script - should not have scarfs on pilots anymore

^ Cleaned up and optimized weapons further.

^ Changed (and sometimes added) vehicles ui pictures in A3 style

^ Tweaked some scripts to use remoteExec instead bis_fnc_mp

^ Unified lead calculating functions

^ Added zamerny memory point to T-80U series tanks since guided missiles were targeting lower part of hull

^ Increased slightly UAZ & Ural armor to prevent almost insta death from 12.7 rnds

^ Added usePIP param to Tochka-U & BM-21 to prevent head twisting

^ Tweaked lead values for some weapons

^ Retreading script now on all supporting vehicles.

^ Tigr has openable doors/FFV positions.

^ Increased PSNR-5K FOV from 30 to 42

^ Weapon string consistency


@ Fixed typo at BTR cfg

@ Fixed T-90A antenna.

@ Fixed BTR-70 weird seat proxy position

@ Fix to sound muffling

@ Fixed curator scope for patchless uniforms

@ Fixed BMD-2M FCS

@ Added some missing mags to virtual arsenal

@ AK-103 NPZ GP-25 can now load GP rounds.

@ Updated mags and fixes for VDV units.

@ BMP-1/2 PhysX

@ T-72B3/T-90 MaxSpeed

@ PTS-M PhysX

@ T-80/U PhysX

@ Fixed BTR driver visibility

@ Fixed some missing sounds in radio protocol (wip)

@ RGN impact sounds

@ T72B3, T90A, BMP3 late & M have now EMR crews

@ Fixed some visual bugs in Plissa/Agava FCS

@ Fixed missing barrel in gunner lod for T-72 with TPD-K1 sight

@ Fixed T-72 indep flag removal script

@ Fixed T-72 traverse sound (bad sample compression)

@ Fixed minefield module

@ Fixed Mi-24 sound configuration

@ Fixed commander mem point for T-90 commander

@ Fixed BTR-80 recoil

@ Fixed dangerCrew.fsm throwing errors about unknown dangercause (caused by introduction of suppressive fire by BIS in 1.40)

@ Fixed some "Error compiling '0.5 * (HitEngine1 + HitEngine2)' in 'HitEngine1'" rpt errors

@ Fixed TR8 PIP variant scripts

@ Missing headlight proxies for rhs_btr60.p3d

@ Magnified scope ranging (PSO/1P29/PGO)

@ AK-103 NPZ GP-25 can now load GP rounds.

@ Silencers no longer reduce muzzle velocity

  • Disabled AINET until better solution is found

  • Removed thermal monitor from early bmp3s visible in cargo view
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I`ve been told its been designed as an LMG (as a replacement for SAW), lighter, smaller mag (60 rounds), easier for mountain fighting. It was "adapted" to a marksman rifle later on.


Similar to the L86 then, it's been adapted to a marksmen weapon now along with the 7.62 AR15 looking platform they use too


Also, that AS Val is gonna be fun to use, hopefully lighter than the space age VAL, whatever it's called

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CH-53 - Fuck yes a Navy Chopper that isn't really really ol- oh wait a minute, goddammit USA y u no update Navy helo's ;)


M27 IAR - I have just creamed myself.


Beretta - Let's see how it fairs against its RH Pistol opponent.


M119 howitzer - Really excited about that although I doubt it will be used much on EU3, a designated static weapon crew would be a good addition, possibly for Valiant?


Static TOW - Would be cool like the howitzer too, a fortified position with a few AT guns and a couple TOW's would be interesting to see.


SPC Camelbak model - Yay more SPC vests, love the look of these.




Added 'vest' with pistol holster only - Nice, was hoping for something just like that for a PLT CMD role, silly comrade, you only need Makarov.



All looks really good tbh, RHS never fails to amaze me!

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Tinkered with the new gear in the Virtual Arsenal.  Some thoughts:

  • The AS VAL is bugged for me in that there are four fire modes: Single, Single, Single and Full auto.
  • The CH-53 has the most passenger capacity of all air vehicles: pilot, co-pilot and 30 passengers. The unarmed Chinook can carry 23 passengers + 6 crew, and the C-130 can carry 2 crew and 25 passengers.
  • The RHS version of the Beretta fires a bit slower than the vanilla Beretta; with vanilla, you can rack off shots as fast as you can push your fire button, with RHS there's some kind of speed limiter in there.
  • The RHS vests have been updated for armor values, but the current TRYK vests are still paper thin.  According to the TRYK thread on the BIStudio forums, the original designer is MIA and hasn't updated the MOD for 1.54.  But a guy named Sparfell has: see here.  We'd need the TAC Vests MOD as well to make it all work (though I see it in the repo: is it part of the TRYK MOD?).


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  • The RHS version of the Beretta fires a bit slower than the vanilla Beretta; with vanilla, you can rack off shots as fast as you can push your fire button, with RHS there's some kind of speed limiter in there.



the beretta that you are talking about is RH ( robert hammer ) pistol pack ;) but indeed it does fire a bit slower but is more precise imo

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