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Good stuff in Arma's latest hotfix (Dec 16, 2015)

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Contains some interesting updates:

  • Tweaked: Adjusted the magnitude of weapon sway levels; increased stability in rested and deployed states to provide more benefit for active reduction of weapon sway and to reward tactical gameplay
  • Tweaked: Optimized weapon sway magnitude and duration of the hold breath penalty. Improved benefits of resting and deployment with regards to weapon sway and weapon recoil.
  • Fixed: Character is no longer forced to crouch when switching away from a launcher when standing and not possessing any other weapon

Hopefully this means that the weapon sway has been reined in a bit.



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Yeah. They should adjust the amount of sway based on the weight of the item being looked through, as well as the stance.


I suppose in a mission one could probably adjust the aiming coefficient based on the item, ie., kill it for binocs.



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