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Update 1.22 - useful commands

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The 1.22 patch brought in a couple of useful commands that remove some of the UI while parking, selecting a load or limiting the freight market job distances.


All changes are done in file called config.cfg found in your profile (C:\Users\yourWINprofile\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\profilenumber\config.cfg).

Make sure you select the proper profile that you wish to change, if you have more than one.


Open file either with Notepad or Notepad+.


  • Disabling auto parking feature/dialogue


Change 1 to 0, end result below:

uset g_adviser_auto_parking "0"

Note: Mulitplayer has that DISABLED by DEFAULT.


  • Hide Adviser (when going to any point where you have to activate something - done by Enter)


Change 0 to 1, end result below

uset g_adviser_keep_hidden "1"

While doing WoT jobs, it still might pop up sometimes, probably just a random occasion.


  • Limit job distances (in KM)


Change -1 to any number (a full number is suggest, others might not work), see an example below


uset g_job_distance_limit "300"

For this to work, you`ll either have to sleep a couple of times or reset your economy: see THIS

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