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Hello guys!


With Squad arriving on Steam at 08:00 GMT Tomorrow it’s with pleasure that we announce we already have two Squad servers up  and running.


Capitana (US) and Flagship (EU) have been live since the start of the weekend. We will still be playing with the slot amounts but we’re looking over the 60 marker.


Feel free to join the teamspeak channels. The In-game ones are muted to force in-game VON usage.


Have fun and enjoy the game!

-AhoyWorld Staff

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there are 5 servers running from the one box, 3 or 4x Arma & TS & Squad EU,

the memory leak in Arma has been killing the box after a certain amount of time, which drags the trousers off of everything else, hopefully we'll get it sorted in a short while


Capitana (US) is pretty stable it's on a box all by it's lonesome and ping from EU is not bad, so use that until EU gets a proper fix sorting out 

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