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Good afternoon soldiers


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My name is Dan aka Decarbonizer


Ive been playing ARMA3 for quite sometime, both here on AHOY WORLD and some clan server in Australia


Im a young fella of 36years and I love playing on AHOY WORLDs servers because of the type of players that is playing on there


 I prefer SIM games over so many others and this community have been so welcoming and Ive even gotten some friends


I am hoping to join tonights event


Decarbonizer out

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Hi Decarbonizer.


I honestly never knew there were friendly people around here at Ahoy. I will look around so i can find a friend aswell. One who wants to carry all my ammo, polish my hunters and make me breakfast. Preferred someone with some experience, like around 35 years old.




PS: nice logo

PSS: Isnt hell too hot for fishes?

PSSS: Are fish made of carbon?

PSSSS: its getting annoying now so i stop pss-ing

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