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InGame name:



why do I think I was banned:

I was in a server,just joined and some guy(hacker) started to mess with a game(changed colors,teleported us...stuff like that) admin didnt know who the hacker was so he just started banning people one by one,atleast I think he banned alot of them because I got a ban even tho I didnt use a hack.


why should my ban be lifted:

Well maybe because I didnt cheat and there was no reason to ban me in a 1st place because I wasnt the one hacking?


Who banned me:


I have no idea.This was 2 days after I bought arma so I wasnt rly focused on that.When I try to get in it says RAZ(maybe admin name) cpt.Ghost banned:reason:suspicion of hacking


When were you banned:


Long time ago,maybe 1 year ago or less,I just didnt know how to appeal for it.

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Your appeal has been noted, please bear in mind that as it was a year ago it may take time to find the ban and then review it. I'm sure you can appreciate that in a year we ban alot of people, please be patient and keep an eye on this thread as it is where any updates or questions we need to ask you will be posted.




- Rave[AW]

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