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Zeus COOP-Missions on the CUP_Maps


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Heyho ,


I just wanted to ask if someone has some Zeus-Missions with a respawn , arsenal and

for at least 4 players , so your mates are able to get ready for the mission , while

the Zeus is making a mission anywhere on the map and then they have to get there and

make the things they should do etc. I found some missions online but only for Altis and Stratis

but not yet for maps like Zargabad or the other CUP_Maps from the EU3 modpack..

I tried to make them by myself , but they're not working well and theyre not working in

multiplayer , because im a noob in the Arma 3 Editor.. x.x

So yeah :D I'm looking mainly for any CUP_Maps.

It would be nice , if someone has some missions to offer :D


Thanks in advance for your answers ,






(I'm sorry for writing mistakes and stuff like that )

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The Community Upgrade Project is just a name to combine content ported from A2 to A3 ( I believe, correct me if im wrong). right? So your referring to the old maps from A2 such as Zargabad, cherno etc and you want to quickly start a zeus mission there without any Gauntlet like missons and Ambient AI in there from the start?


In regards to any maps outside of the map pack we use on #eu3, I am not familiar how they are handled by arma 3, however regarding your questions about a 

''Standard Template''


for the #EU3 maps what I do if I make a Gamenight mission, and I am sure the other game night/mission creators do the same is either:

1. Make a mission from scratch ( you were having trouble as you said)

2. Carefully di-sect Gauntlet or any other mission you have played who has the features you like until the core is still there, and copy paste over re spawn points and arsenal boxes etc. ( tip:You can actually CTRL+C/CTRL+V  items/objects/markers in the 2d editor over from one project to another!). 

Cant find the missions ? Go to the MPMissions folder in your A3 Root folder, there are the .pbo files you download when you join a server which you can open yourself!


Now the 2. might be hard for you too if you dont have any prior experience but its definitely easier then creating from scratch.


Now that I think of it I might create a group of templates this weekend and ask if they are uploaded as clean ''Zeus Missions'' with all the perks such as game night modes, arsenal boxes, a FOB/Base to start from and re-spawning vehicles @ base. The Only issue is the assignment of Zeus to a certain player who is not a mod/admin on #EU3.


I have had alot of fun creating the most basic of missions using Zeus, and adding your own temporary story to it in matter of minutes which gives the players a whole new experience and a way to get some diversity from the pretty great Gauntlet( not kidding, its good!)

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