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Ban appeal emil


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my ingame name is emil


i got banned for Tk at Evac and the Dc


in my opinion i think the ban should be lifted becus.. i'm gonna be honest. i'm not good at arma,

i saw all in my squad taking suicide to get back to main base after the ao was completed.

so i ran away and i put down a explosive charge as that was the only explosive i had.

when i detonated another guy died becus i didn't se him. about 2 min later i went to help my dad 

with some stuff and i didn't play more arma that day.


i don't remember whne it was, but i know it was abou 1-2 week ago (i can be wrong)


i have no clye who banned me


i'm sorry for the Tk @ Evac and i have learned my lesson

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i'm sorry if this isn't the whole truth.

i said i don't remember exactly why but i remember this happened on A server.

i thougt it was ahoyworld since i got banned and if it wasn't ahoyworld then i don't remember what happened.

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Due to your version of the event not matching up to the banning admins, even after being told to be honest, I have made the decision that the ban will remain.


I find it hard to believe that the admin would remember the events (given the fact it is one ban in a large number he deals with) and the person who committed the act does not.

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