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Gday all


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Gday all, I made an account to see if  I can help out others with issues when it comes to their servers and hope to receive help when I pull an all nighter to get something tiny to work on my server. I've been playing Arma since about 2012 and have put countless hours into Arma 2 OA and Arma 3. I've recently bought a server and am in the process of setting up an Invade & Annex server. 

Thought I may as well throw in a few things about me. I'm 17 and hail from a small island in the middle of nowhere called Australia and have been into computers most of my life, never thought I'd get into scripting or anything of the sort but I'm enjoying the challenge that comes with it. 


So hopefully I can lend a hand if anyone needs it. :)


Feel free to hit me up if you need anything.


Steam: Parachut



- Parachut

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