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[GAMENIGHT] Operation Steel Tiger - Gamenight (12/12/15)

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I have signed up and I hope I get in


My good friend Vilstrup got me on to this "event" and I hope I can get in


We have been playing together for quite some time, I hope to see you all on the battlefield :)

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Yeah you basically said everything I DON'T look for in a driver.

Hardly. Having driven in first previously, following a TC's orders, we ran into multiple friendlies due to a lack of peripheral awareness. I'm happy to drive in first as the gamenight seems to be set to that now, and driving armour is one of the few roles I'd be happy to do in first locked, but I'll always prefer third for Arma.

To clarify my comment regarding not just following instructions, it's just a tad boring when all you can see is the small field of view out of the periscope. The Bradleys and some Russian vehicles are quite fun due to their interior detail, but it's nice to be able to just look around when you're idle, instead of staring at the same tree for minutes on end. I know you specifically dislike drivers who spot and call out targets that'd be out of their realistic field of view, and that's fair enough; I agree with that entirely.

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Respect for spending the time you've got left next to your probably extremely hard and time-consuming study, don't feel bad about it not working. People shouldn't complain unless they can do it better themselves.

With the amount of things you had to deal with seeing you were also the first to go through the newly put up flowchart I can only say; thank you very much for still trying to set something up for us. Don't feel bad about it, better luck next time.

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