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New here! - Hans


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I was joining Arma Life servers thinking I was getting the full Arma 3 experience until I got bored of collecting apples and asked what Arma 3 is actually about. A connection of mine suggested to check this out so here I am.


Hans, 20 years old, Dutch, fan of the Battlefield series.

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Ahoy dude! Here's some information to help you getting starting on eu3, the ahoyworld modded server. 


http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3877-play-your-roles/ - General guide on gameplay 

http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3556-eu3-rules-and-guidelines-please-read/ Just the rules, so you don't get kicked for anything silly :)

http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/4242-how-to-mod-install-guide-video/ The fun part of install all the mods :)

http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/4074-how-to-ace3-medic/ How to keep yourself and squadmates alive :)


Look forward to seeing you on the sever :) 

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Hey Hans,


Fellow Dutch guy here, welcome.


Make sure you check out the AW Teamspeak server to get connected to people and start having fun.


If you are looking to get your first experience in ArmA 3 co-operative game play I suggest you start at Ahoyworld EU1 (no mods required, instant gameplay). It's similar to Battlefield and sometimes feels quite similar to Battlefield 2 even. You can have fun flying helicopters, using tanks, and running infantry missions.


Myself, I make and run squads on EU1 (callsign ROADHOUSE) multiple times per week. You will find that the level of co-operation and people willing to work together in ArmA exceeds that of Battlefield, you'll be able to have plenty of fun doing missions with your teammates.


Once you become comfortable with EU1 and enjoy the teamplay the next best step is to head over to EU3 where they do more serious mil-sim like gameplay.


Hope to see you around,



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