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DCS: 4/12/15 1800UTC The return of the fly in!



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  1. 1. Aircraft to be taken

    • Helicopters + trainers (including TF51)
    • Fast jets (no trainer jets)

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Ahoy! Here marks the return of the fly in.



Would you rather take it a little slower and enjoy the scenery? or rip through like a bat out of hell?

we'll fly through the bottom of the valleys pushing and pulling our aircraft through the tighter areas of the southern hills of Georgia, however if Nevada is released I'll make a route there instead. Route to be posted closer to the time.



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Helo's, Trainers, 1950's jets & WWII Warbirds :D


Also chime in whomever already has or is planning on getting Nevada so we can see if doing Nevada is worth it 


It's still on Pre-sale HERE @ $39.99,

should be releasing 30/11, it'll be a whole new standalone Alpha build install with just Nevada & your modules

it'll become merged with 1.5.1 or 2.0 betas at a later date



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Ahhh can't make it again! I'll get there eventually. Downloading Nevada now (0.6kB/s :() but I would say stay on the pretty stable 1.5.1 for now until everything is sorted with 2.0. I will join you all soon... I promise... I will. Also, Dingo, can't wait for the Gazelle! I'll be able to spot all the differences between the French's and ours.

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