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Most frequently flown/best plane for getting into dcs?


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Just wondering what you guys fly the most frequently in DCS and what dlc I should buy first. :)


I've been looking at the F-15c, A-10c, Su-27 and the flaming cliffs DLC, I personally am not a big fan of russian and Post WW2/ WW2 aircraft. (Except for the Su-27). DCS dlc is on sale most going for €8 euro with Flaming and A-10c going for €22.




*Edit*   Just realised Su-27 and F-15c are both included with Flaming cliffs.   *Edit*

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Start with Flaming cliffs learn the basics in one of the 5 planes,they are all fairly similar and you can get up to combat effectiveness fairly quickly in them 


then it's personal preference, the A-10C or MiG-21 are probably the most complete Study Sim modules with clickable pits and weapon deployment, but take a long time to learn and use them to full potential, 


the trainers are cool too, good for practicing basic unguided A2G / Rocket & aerobatics


The Helos are worth the time learning too they are fun to go tank hunting with once you're up to speed with all their systems

The Ka-50 is pretty much the same level as the A-10C except you have a higher workload trying to keep one step ahead of the helo on it's mission of killing you at every opertunity :D

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My "best" aircraft changes from week to week :P at the moment the A10C is pretty hot in my books but the L39 is a great trainer. Don't leave out helicopters either, the Huey is simple enough to enter the genre, has a good campaign and packs a lot of firepower for lighter armed targets.


However to answer your forum post with regards to flaming cliffs I'll echo sozio and rave really. SU25T is a valuable aircraft to have on the battlefield although a little bit of a pig to fly at first, flaming cliffs is a great purchase if you just want to get up and go with the advanced  flight models but then you miss the fidelity of ASM ((Advanced Systems Modelling)the clickable cockpit essentially).

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Yes. All modules (including the free SU-25T and TF-51) are compatible online and you don't need any of the other modules to be able to see them (eg you could be in the Su-25T and you'd still be able to see people in a Huey even if you haven't bought it).

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