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Ingame Name*:Cliper

Why do you think you were banned?: It said invisable cheat...

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*:I dont even know that kind of cheat excist. I couldnt see my avatar in 3pv witch i got after an alt+tab. So i though it was just a glitch on my gpu. I could se myself in fpv, i didnt wanna login and log out under Lutin zeus mission. was having to much fun. I wasnt even contacted by and admin before the strike. Why would any one cheat on arma III?

Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?:Rave

When were you banned?*:28/nov 02:20 

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Thats just it, i cant explain why my 3pv didnt show. If i can find myself on Lutin past broadcast, i can even show when it happend. I could se myself if i looked to the right with headview. I was just having to much fun and didnt want to miss out, so i didnt reconnect, if that would even solve it, idk. 



http://www.twitch.tv/luetin/v/27874903 timestamp 02:04:50, you can see me at a trench. about 50-100m back i got under heavy fire by the thing by the house, maybe it was a marid or tigris. I was running with rangefinder and i used prone and my guy just decided to stand up and panic mode = alt tab missclick. After that i couldnt see my body in 3pv. So i sticked to fpv untill i got kicked.


So that is what i can tell you. idk why that glitch happend, i was playing having fun. I stayed becuse i thought it was on my end only.

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Okay Cliper here is the situation - 


Whilst monitoring Luetin's EU#2 stream serverside in Zeus -  Christiansen (Admin) said he could not see a player. I (Rave) checked and could only see him from a very minute angle, you were also lone wolfing and killing troops that should have seen him and quite frankly killed you many times over.
We checked through the eyes of an AI player placed soldier from both OPFOR and BLUFOR and on FLIR and still could not see you.The decision was made to ban without warning as we had both reached the same conclusion through different means.


IF ANYTHING in this vein is seen again it will be deemed that its is intentional and you will be perma banned. I am this time willing to be lenient because 'Bohemia'.

Please reply that you have read, understood what has been said.

- Rave [AW]



Added by PERO on 01/12/2015:


Ban has now actually been lifted (removed from ban list)

Edited by PERO
Removed actual ban entry
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