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Gamenight: Sunday 29th


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Hello and welcome to this weeks game-night



We will be playing Operation Valiant - Insurgency


On ArmA3 EU#3 MODDED. 

The map is Takistan


The meet up time will be as follows:


Sunday - 3 PM GMT Mission start



Brief: We will have a randomly select primary objective to take care of in this mainly infantry based game mode.

However, we will have to patrol through towns and valleys as an insurgent force is working to recruit and train new members.

Building clearing will be a major part in this patrol based operation.

I will provide a much large brief at the gamenight but for now that will do.


If you sign up for squad leader please be prepared to turn up 30 minutes early for a briefing.



You will not be allowed to JIP once the mission briefing is over..


Click here to apply for a slot! Failing to do this my mean you are not guaranteed a slot.


I'm stressing that any mucking about while we are doing this event will be met with according punishment for degrading other players enjoyment of the event. Normal EU#3 rules apply


Hope to have a good turn out and I will see you on the battlefield


For info on how to get the mods click here.






With this game mode we also are able to provide some statistic tracking on the operation.


To be able to track your data please sign up here: http://alivemod.com/war-room

Make sure to fill in your UID.


Then click join group and search for "Ahoyworld".

Apply to join and you'll be set to go! 



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I Signed up :) Looking Forward to my first Game night in the daytime! xD Although for the Role preferrals, I'd like to add, I'd be up for trying out Squad Leader and such aslong as i can get abit of help/ a rundown with it? but I'd be totally fine with sticking with Team Leader to train up for ever doing Squad leading.

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If someone else isn't streaming I shall! What happened to your pc?

Ehm... two things. Needed space on my ssd (120gb) for uni project and I'm currently running integrated hd2500 graphics. Hurrrayy... I'm on a market for new notebook for uni. I can't have PC anymore. I have to go mobile. I'll be back but still don't know when. I'd rather watch stream than look for a suitable notebook.


I'm looking forward for your stream. Much appreciated.

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No arma3 capable PC. I hope @Lone or someone else will be able to stream. I'd be happy if I can watch. :)


I will stream as long as my net stays active :D, Also Josh how will you know if your needed 1/2 an hour early, PM on the website or what?

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So I did some writing on the backstory etc. for this mission.



Following the violent abdication of the former leader of Takistan, a power vacuum was establish leading to the influx of a organization bent on taking over Takistan. They set up their HQ near the city of Rasman and are spreading out North from there. They are rapidly setting up recruitment agencies and their tactics include widespread use of rogue civillian agents and IEDs.

We have been tasked with cleaning out any form of hostility by the current government.


Good to know for any user participating

Counter Insurgency is challenging and requires a different approach to regular operations. Intelligence is vital to Counter Insurgency and understanding how they work is important to start building up a picture of where, when and what they are doing.

Know The Enemy: Unlike conventional forces, insurgents will try to avoid becoming decisively engaged with security forces and will conduct sabotage and hit and run attacks whilst attempting to recruit new fighters. They will however occupy installations that are unguarded and set up factories, weapons depots and recruiting HQs. They will prefer to attack unguarded military and civilian installations that are close to the Insurgency AI Commander's HQ at first, but if they succeed and hostility remains high they will will start to conduct ambushes and raids on occupied installations. Tracking insurgency movements and identifying likely targets early will help Security Forces target their limited resources effectively.

Hearts & Minds: Security forces must maintain a patrol presence in towns to reduce hostility levels and ensure critical civilian infrastructure such as power stations, factories and fuel depots are guarded. Damage to civilians and their property must be avoided at all costs to prevent hostility increasing and the situation spiraling out of control, even when those same civilians may be harbouring insurgents! Security Forces can improve the situation by clearing the area of hostile forces, disarming IEDs or by finding and destroying IED factories, roadblocks, weapon depots and recruitment HQs.

Stop & Search: Conducting stop and search of civilians will help Security Forces to interdict insurgents blending in with the population. Some civilians have special roles in the community, such as town elders, muezzins, priests and politicians. Treating them with due deference and the right "incentives" may help reduce hostility levels in the sector.

Intelligence: Security Forces should make extensive used of Advanced Markers, SPOTREPs and C2ISTAR reports to build up an intelligence picture of insurgency activity and locations of possible bomb making facilities, weapons caches and recruitment HQs.



So as you can read this isnt your run of the mill guns blazing mission. You will need to scout and recon alot more than we use to do on our events as I have no clue where the IED factories,weapons depots and recruitment offices will pop up !

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