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ACE_dll issues with my antivirus


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Hi all,


I had an issue this morning where my antivirus has quarantined a number of Ace_dll's thinking they are malware.  I assume this is an issue with the files looking like virus' but not being so, and thought I should check with the community to see if anyone has come across a similar issue before I un-quarantine them.


The files are: -









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I've had this problem a couple of times where battle-eye wasn't functioning optimally.


Try and make your Arma3Sync - Launcher options look like this:



Click on image to enlarge

Afterwards I'd recommend you launch the vanilla game once, just to make sure you 'force' battle-eye to update.


Check this page in the Arma 3 (vanilla) launcher for further info on it's status whilst launching:



If any further problems occur, feel free to post again :-) | or simply join the Teamspeak server (ts.ahoyworld.co.uk),  which would make me and a fair few other staff members and field ambassadors able to help you somewhat more interactively.

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They are not malware or anything, some anti-virus programs see them as "faulty" due to having a lot of code in it, where usually viruses can hide. If you program anti-virus database is seing ACE DLL files as malware ones, nothing we can do.


You can safely un-quarantine them (if you gotten those files from out repo, IF NOT, I can`t guarantee they actually aren`t viruses). Before doing that, you have to add the files into your exclusions (defines which files you antivirus isn`t checking). Again, if you didn`t get those files from our repo, remove them and download them from it.


Can you share which anti-virus program are you using? I might be able to help you a bit more.

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Thank you both for your replies. I am using Bullguard A/V. I did download the files from yourselves directly, so I know they are safe. I shall download them again, that would probably be easiest as I do not know how to un-quarantine them (now they are quarantined).

EDIT: Don't worry, I have located the quarantine area and un-quarantined them, I have also added the 2 1 params thing as I forgot about that during install of Arma3Sync. Thanks both!

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