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Hi all,


I have a question around loadouts for different classes.  Is there a post on here which talks about what kit to take with a certain class, and the pro's and cons of each piece of equipment?  There seems to be sooooooo much choice when picking equipment at base, and I don't know where to start.  Is it just a case of trial and error?  I realise some equipment will only work with certain classes, but if I am, for instance, a medic, how do I know which rifles I can pick out of the 150-odd on offer?  It won't let me equip a certain rifle when I come to pick it, but if I can't equip it, shouldn't it be greyed out?




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Hello there,


I'd say you just start swapping out weapons and equipment from your default loadout which you don't like that much. The default loadout is the loadout you spawn with and supposed to be a standard for the type of role (i.e. medic / rifleman AT) you are playing. Keep in mind that there is some things that make a role efficient and worthwhile; such as the 'Medickit' on a medic or the 'Titan AT' on an AT soldier, changing them out for less efficient stuff won't be very appreciated by your fellow soldiers. Try and keep those weapons/pieces of equipment close to you and learn how to properly use them.


Now, you might not feel perfectly able with the gun the default loadout has provided for you. Shouldn't matter there's plenty left to choose from!

You can either change out the sights - into reasonable lenghts ( it's not mandatory, but please don't take marksman sights etc.) or

you can change the gun itself..

Depending on what your placestyle diffrent guns might suit you better; now here's the tricky part. Keep in mind that your role automatically defines what your playstyle is supposed to be (General squadmember, marksman, sniper, helicopter pilot). You should feel a bit obliged to not step outside of the boundaries of your role and pick up dedicated marksmen rifles when you're supposed to be playing with an assault rifle.


Generally the server will give you a lot of choice and there is nothing, apart from mad rage and occasional flaming teammates, disallowing you from taking up other weapons than your role 'prescribes'. You will know when you've truly stepped out of the boundaries as the server will 'take away' whatever you've just tried to equip.|
Keep in mind that you're free to take anything, which isn't server blocked, but try and not step too many people on their toes by doing their 'jobs'.
Just as an example; as a medic you don't really need to be running around with a RPG-42, there should be plenty of AT soldiers around perfectly able to do what is necessairy and you're supposed to work as a team and not a one man army as some sources and people are trying to let you believe.


Sure. Trial and error might be the way to go, but try and keep these things in the back of your head when selecting the specifics for your 'trials'


Hope this helped,



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This might help a bit and should be correct but there may be a few mistakes.



RPG-42s can be used by anyone

Titans can only be used by AT soldiers (both AA and AT)


Grenade Launchers

Anyone can use any grenade launcher variants


Sniper/anti material rifles

Only snipers can use the Lynx and M320


Marksman rifles

Anyone can use the EBR, Rahim and MXM

Only spotters, marksmen and snipers can use the following; Cyrus, MAR 10, ASP-1, M14, Mk1 EMR (the last two make me sad as they are the same cailbre as the EBR and Rahim, and they are sexier guns).



The Navid and the SPMG can only be used by Autoriflemen



The MXSW and M200 can be used by anyone

The Zafir can only be used by Autoriflemen (This might be wrong; but I cannot for the life of me add a Zafir clip to my inventory but I can have the weapon in my hands)



All thermal scopes are limited to Team Leaders; however everyone can use laser designators which have a thermal mode.

All other scopes are usable by everyone

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