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AhoyWorld Summer Meetup 2016!


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Hello all, this is a first for us as a community, some of the admins are meeting up for the weekend next summer in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, and you’re invited too! Why there? We have a wide user base across Europe and there is a higher concentration in the Netherlands, it also has great transport links to Amsterdam International Airport which is only 1.5hrs drive away. Oh and we have one of our generous members who offered us a very good deal on accommodation and hospitality!
When is it? Friday 15th July 2016 - Monday 18th July.
Where is it? Here! It’s a very nice resort on the lakeside in the North of Holland, we are very lucky! 
So what, we all go there and sit awkwardly around a table wondering where we went wrong in life?
No, of course not! I have written up an itinerary because, well, if we don’t then it’s going to be chaos.
Friday: All Arrive.
Saturday morning: Go-karting!
Saturday afternoon: Various activities around the campsite (there’s all kinds of stuff like archery, biking trails, canoeing etc. or sit back and chill for the rest of the day.
Saturday evening: Community meeting at the onsite restaurant. We have our own room!
Sunday: Paintballing!
Monday: All depart.
To attend this event it is only €210, this includes the activities highlighted above, three nights accommodation, paypal fees and also includes any unexpected costs that we may be expected to pay. This price does not include travel to or from the event nor does it include any food or additional expenses incurred, food is kindly provided at cost by the site restaurant. If there is a surplus at the end of the event, this will be redistributed as a rebate. Any additional expenses will be handled amongst staff and will not be taken from the donation fund.
All members of AhoyWorld are invited to attend this event and we think it’s fantastic value for money. Please remember this area is not tailored to nightlife and therefore will be no loud/late night parties or related behavior.
Here’s a “virtual tour” type thing, if you like: http://www.viadrupsteen.nl/itwiid/#/It Wiid luchtBolfoto 1/Default
If you would like to attend please book as early as possible (like right now if you can), we are unable to reserve any accommodation that is not yet booked, when it’s gone, it’s gone, there isn't anything we can do about that. Due to our booking system we will not be able to offer a refund after the places have been booked however, if we are able to, we will. We estimate the latest you will be able to book is the end of January, we cannot guarantee this however so book as soon as you can!
To book simply click the "book now with/without accommodation" button and fill out the GDoc presented after fulfillment.
General Terms

We will endeavour to provide you with a refund if you cancel however if we have already placed a booking for the accommodation this may not be possible.

Booking does not guarantee you a place as we are not able to reserve any accommodation, if you book and we are unable to supply you accommodation we will give you a full refund.

This event is not an excuse to have a party and there should be no disruption.

Any unexpected expenses will be handled by staff, you will not suddenly be asked for more money, the only exception being if you broke something. If anything gets broken, you’re paying for it. This will initially be taken from your personal rebate.


Book with accommodation


Book without accommodation


If you need any help with organising travel, I found mycheapflights.com very helpful and easy to use. If you're travelling from the UK there are various ferries available.




Harwich-Rotterdam (I'm using this one)




Anywhere else, use google maps. It's not usually far wrong!


Talking of travel, if you're in/around the route from Portsmouth to Harwich & Rotterdam to Leeuwarden I can give you a ride. I'm passing through Amsterdam Airport around 09:30 for anyone thinking of flying.

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Definitely going, just summing up my travel options. If there are any UK residents that fancy going but don't have a car, you can travel up with me via Hull train station. Catch an overnight ferry and I'll drive the rest. Again it may be cheaper to fly but the option is there.

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Interesting ...




i already sketched out my plans to assasin... visit this meetup and take ov... meet the friendly HQ staff of AHOY there for a bloo ... fun and giggles!



Yes,thats what i wanted to say ... no harm will be taken from clowns,eh?




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For those that do want to come but haven't yet booked up I just need to say it is absolutely imperative to get it in ASAP or you may miss out. I say this because roughly 10-12 people have told me they are coming but I have only received a handful of bookings. Do not leave it any longer than it has to be!


If you still want to come but may not be able to pay in time please contact me.

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I think ill do the same as Karate, could someone tell me more about the "booking without accommodation" option?

Is it possible to attend the sunday only, without accomodation?

It is possible, you will need to pay for the events in question though, we haven't had these finalised yet though so bear with me and I can give you an accurate figure closer to the time.

As for numbers, we currently have 7!

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I think ill do the same as Karate, could someone tell me more about the "booking without accommodation" option?


Is it possible to attend the sunday only, without accomodation?

I've had a bit of a recon of the area and without accomodation there are a few decent bushes suitable in the areas around the park

the best 2 prime locations are as follows 


First area marked HERE in below has ample supply of food from the local berry yielding shrubs


The Second Area marked DOWN HERE in below is more secluded but comes at a price as it is closer to the public lavatories



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Of course I'll pay for the event, thank you for looking into it, I appreciate the effort. Perhaps it would be easier to stay obe night if at all possible?

As for my accommodation Dingo, I think after a long thought I'll go with Bush number.... 1!

It's the berry's that pull this one through.

P. S: I can go home with the bus but the connection from the park to Leeuwarden is quite bad, however a car ride is only 25min;)

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